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Beach Safari Myanmar

The coast of Western Burma (Myanmar) presents some of the most isolated and natural settings in Burma, that is Rakhine. Far away from the rapid pace of change in Yangon and Mandalay, villagers continue to live here in the same way they have for hundreds of years. They live according to the rhythms of nature, fishing and harvesting coconuts. The people of Rakhine still use ox carts with wooden wheels.

Beach Safari Myanmar ( Burma ) invites you to truly get away and discover how people really live in Burma. We invite to join us in Maung Shwe Lay for a fun and memorable day exploring authentic village life in Myanmar and being part of our community.

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Tour Duration: 02 days / 01 night
Tour Type: Cultural exploration
Cities: Maung Shwe Lay
Price: Contact us
Activity Level: Regular Itinerary

  • Experience rural fishing village life

  • Enjoy beach of St. Andrew’s Bay

  • Pristine natural beauty


DAY 1: Boat transport to Maung Shwe Lay and visiting the town

Pick-Up Car (Airport to Beach)
Boat transport (Ngapali Beach to Maung Shwe Lay)
Ox cart ride & Visiting Monastery, Brick Factory Library and School
Meal: Dinner

DAY 2: Morning market and enjoying the beach

Visiting Morning Market
Snorkelling/Enjoying Beach
Boat transport (Maung Shwe Lay to Hotel)

NOTE: What You Will See and Do in Maung Shwe Lay

Please be aware that we invite you to experience the same conditions that we live in every day. The village has only a few hours of electricity each day (in the evening). You will sleep in our family compound located on the beach, either in a small tent (for 2 people) or in the local house on sleeping mats (as we sleep). You may take a local shower using well water: you stand next to a barrel of cool well water and use a bowl to pour the fresh water over yourself, as we do. We have also installed a solar shower for the convenience of our foreign guests, so that you may enjoy a western style warm shower at anytime. It is very basic but you’ll never forget this experience in your life.

Once you have arrived and settled in, your English speaking guide will take you around the village to explain more about local life. You will slowly explore the tempo and patterns of rural life.
You will explore the bay and the country side by ox cart and on foot.

In the morning, just after sunrise, you can visit Maung Shwe Lay’s local market, where the village comes to trade and talk. Maung Shwe Lay’s market is on the main lane of the village, just a few steps from our compound. Each day, all year, villagers bring in seasonal produce fresh from the fields, and join their neighbours for breakfast at the market. They spread a blanket on the ground, and put what they’re selling on the blanket. You can also see some of the fresh catch just off the boats returning from the sea. Since Maung Shwe Lay is a small village (about 2000 people), our market is also small. Everyone knows everyone else, and neighbours come by to chat and gossip. We hope you’ll join us so you can share this essential part of village life. But you need to come early, because the market is over by 9am!

After breakfast, you visit the local school and meet the students, seeing how children are educated around Myanmar. If you like, you can spend some time talking to the children about your home country or asking them about life in Maung Shwe Lay. You can also visit our modest library where you can help for an hour or two by reading stories to the youngest children. You may help replanting trees and explain about environmental issues to the village elders (your fee for this homestay includes small donations to these village institutions). If it’s open on the day you visit us, you can also visit our healthcare clinic, built by donations. Because we have no nurse, the clinic is only opens a few days each week, when a nurse visits from a larger hospital in the next town.

As you explore the village, you can visit our temple, which has just a few monks, who have served our community for decades. If you’re interested, you may be able to visit some of our local cottage industries. There are brick makers, and coconut-meat driers, as well as a carpentry workshop.

During your stay, breakfast, lunch and dinner are back at the house. We will cook local food for you as we do for ourselves (see ‘Food’ below). Western food is not available in Maung Shwe Lay. We’re happy to accommodate vegetarians.

In the afternoon you will go with a local boat for a snorkelling trip out in the bay. You can enjoy swimming in the bay just steps away from our compound. You may decide to just enjoy the beach of St. Andrew’s Bay, which spreads out a few feet away from your tent. You can lie under the palm trees absorbing the energy of village life. People come and go and the village children play nearby. Fishermen set out in their boats and return with their catch. Our beautiful beach is a working beach but you can still enjoy the peace and tranquillity of being far away from hustle and bustle. No one in Maung Shwe Lay is in a rush. You can take a walk along the coves and inlets of the bay and the surrounding area. In the evening, you will sit on the beach and admire the clear skies and abundant stars. There is no smog or air pollution in Maung Shwe Lay and on cloudless nights you can see the visible universe spreading out above you.

Myanmar & Rakhine Food: In Maung Shwe Lay, you will have the chance to eat real Myanmar food. You can also try our local Rakhine specialties; you’ll have to be careful because unlike food in Yangon, Rakhine foods tend to be spicy! You can observe village women cooking in the kitchen where you stay. You’ll see how we prepare the food we eat when we’re ready to eat, fresh from the field or the ocean, using techniques and technology that people have used for hundreds of years. We have no electric stoves or refrigerators. Every dish is fresh, clean, and prepared right before you eat it.

Same Day Return

Boat transport (Ngapali Beach to Maung Shwe Lay)
Ox cart ride & Visiting Monastery, Library, School and local houses
Lunch at the beach
Boat transport (Maung Shwe Lay to Ngapali Beach)

Detailed Description

Escape to a tropical paradise today with a full day beach safari. You’ll be picked up from the Thandwe airport or your Ngapali Hotel and drive to meet your local fishing boat and guide. Cast off and sail across blue seas from Ngapali’s shores to the beach at St Andrew’s, a journey of around 1 hour.

On arrival in the perfectly shaped bay of Maung Shwe Lay walk to your local house on the beach under the lots coconut trees. Bury your toes in the white sand, while sipping a refreshing coconut drink.

A brief orientation of the Bay and Maung Shwe Lay village will be given. From here the day is yours to do as you please. We recommend joining your guide on a walk through the village- a special opportunity to see a typical rural fishing village. You’ll stop at the Buddhist monastery, elementary school, community library and local houses.

A home cooked lunch will be served at midday.

The afternoon is yours to do as you please. Explore more of the village, spend time with the local students or relax in a hammock on the beach and snorkel. Around 3pm we’ll set sail for the white sands of Ngapali where you will be dropped at your hotel.
Enjoy your Myanmar Trekking Tours

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