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Top four famous beaches in myanmar to discover

myanmar is a fairy place to get to for sea-loving visitors. There are numerous captivating beaches waiting for you to explore. If you haven’t found a site to come on your burma tours, you may find some suggestions in this article. Let’s find out top beautiful beaches in burma and choose the best one for your next trip!

Ngapali Beach

Top 4 attractive beaches waiting for you to explore on your Myanmar tours

The name Ngapali Beach is named after the captivating city of Naples, Italy. Ngapali is a beautiful beach with 7 kilometers stretching white sand covered by palm trees. The sea is always a deep blue turquoise color with fluttering waves such as a welcome signal. The other reason makes this destination the best place to go in burma tours is that you can go to this site easily. There are tremendous flights to this place a day from Yangon, you just need to await for about 45 minutes to bring a new flight. If you want to visit by street, you be able to go through the Rakhine Yoma Mountains.

Top 4 attractive beaches waiting for you to explore on your Myanmar tours

The still Ngapali beach is an ideal place for people, who are too tired of hasty life. Come here in your burma package journey, you may enjoy in maximum level, laying around the beach or soaking in the cool blue sea, throw all the worries to the waves. The myanmar tourism industry is quite developed, offering you many marine sports, like scuba diving, kayaking, biking around the beach, and golf on the beach.

In addition, you contain tremendous choices to waste your time of your myanmar adventure tour here, such as: exploring the natural landscape around the beach, visiting small fishing villages and local markets, or biking to the countryside to uncover the life of local citizen. You also could go on a boat to the beautiful offshore islands.

Accommodation services are very diverse. You can choose from the pristine small huts set on the beach to the glamorous villas for your burma travels & tours. The foods here is amazing too. There are tremendous restaurants serving fresh seafood at affordable prices. If you are not too difficult in eating, you should try all the dishes when you come here.

Ngwe Saung Beach (Silver Beach)

Top 4 attractive beaches waiting for you to explore on your Myanmar tours

Ngwe Saung Beach (also known as Silver Beach) is located south of Ngapali Beach and near the capital Yangon. It only takes 35 minutes to fly from Yangon, or 6 hours adventure by road. Travelers also can choose go by boat from Yangon on myanmar tour. The trip takes 16 hours going through Pathein. Go by boat is very awesome because you be able to relax the panoramic spectacle of immense sky and the feeling of floating on the sea.

Top 4 attractive beaches waiting for you to explore on your Myanmar tours

A decade ago, a series of resorts sprung up on the beach. Rates range from $15 to $400. There is a green swimming pool in resort but we believe you have to prefer swimming in the sea on your myanmar travel tour. Ngwe Saung sea water is also as fresh as Ngapali beach. Here you can lie sunbathing on the beach, try scuba diving, or walk to journey the island at the end of the beach at low tide.

If you love driving and exploring, you be able to bring a motorbike to discover the 15km coastline, drive on undulating rock, or simply walk along the stretch of coastline.

You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to taste seafood. There are crayfish, lobster, crabs, jellyfish and so on. If you wake up at dawn, you may notice the fisherman caught seafood on the beach. Try to get some seafood from fishermen because it is very fresh and cheap. It have to be the most unforgettable memories of your burma tour.

Chuang Tha Beach

Top 4 attractive beaches waiting for you to explore on your Myanmar tours

Chuang Tha Beach is not as captivating as Ngapali or Ngwe Saung, but is ideal for anyone who want to notice a calm destination close to Yangon to have some enjoy time on burma travels & tour. Located along the road to Chuang Tha is a green field, far away is the misty mountains. There is a series of international standard hotels, restaurants and spas in front of the beach. You may choose one to stay on your trip, enjoy dining and beauty treatments.

Top 4 attractive beaches waiting for you to explore on your Myanmar tours

If you come here during the high season, you could hide from the crowds by jumping on a boat to discover the charming islands nearby. Just bring a speed boat or motorboat for 15 minutes to Thae Phyu Island. On the island there is a fine white sand beach and a small sacred temple. You be able to walk to Phokalar Island located close to the beach, this is also a very kind-hearted place for your burma journey. If you want to scuba dive watching tropical fish, you have to bring your inclue snorkel.

Visitors to Chuang Tha may drink fresh coconut water, eat fresh seafood, breathe in the breeze with the sea’s salty taste on myanmar package tour. Tides push tremendous shells, small crabs up the beach. You can pick up the shells as souvenirs. Near the beach there are fishing villages that visitors often adventure. Here people sell dried shrimp, seafood and souvenirs at reasonable prices. Local citizen are very hospitable, always hospitable you with a bright smile and would kindly help you. In Chuang Tha there is another highlight, it is the baroque pagoda, located at the finish of the beach.

Kanthaya Beach

Top 4 attractive beaches waiting for you to explore on your Myanmar tours

If you want to enjoy a quiescent and own space, away from urban noise, Kanthaya Beach ought to be the best destination for your burma tour. Not only is it pristine but also tranquil. Kanthaya beach is quite shallow and is 4.5 km long. Unlike the white sandy beach of Ngapali, the sand in this beach is yellow and gravelly. There are no beach sports or souvenir shops. So if you want to come here on your independent myanmar journey, you could not book a room on the internet, but you ought to adventure the hotel directly.

These are the four most attractive beaches in burma that we would offer to you. Hope you inclue found an ideal site for your following trip to burma. Now save money, make up the plan and adventure the beach of your dream!

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