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With thousands of old temples, pristine nature and special culture, myanmar adventure now becomes one of the most beautiful destinations in Southeast Asia for both domestic and international tourists. Adventure this pretty country, you could choose for yourself a lot of unique experiences with different types of adventure vehicles like bicycles, horse carts, motorbikes,... And if you dream to get a bird’s eye scenery of the astounding beauty of this antique city in burma, let's try balloons over Bagan. Here we would such as to performance you some useful guidelines to help you get a unforgetable balloons adventure in Bagan.

Sunrise in Bagan - a heavenly spectacle

Bagan is the ancient capital of burma destination and formerly known as Pagan. Known as the royal capital of Bagan kingdom, this beautiful city existed from the 9th to the 13th centuries in central burma. Bagan has an area of about 25 square miles, with thousands of temples, pagodas, and monasteries built since the inception of the new Buddhist traditions in burma.

Sunrise in Bagan -  a heavenly scenery

Today, Bangan owns more than 2,000 temples and pagodas that are comparable to Cambodia's Angkor Wat and Borobudur in Java, Indonesia. The old beauty of Bagan is clearly visible through the known for architecture at the most known for temples of Bagan, one of which is the Shwezigon Golden Temple. This is the primary gold temple built in myanmar and also a representative sample of the other temples later.

Besides "the most ancient" Shwezigon Temple, Bagan also has "the most beautiful" Ananda Pagoda; "the highest" Thatbyinyu Temple and lastly "the most massive" Dhamma Yangyi Pagoda. The combination of glittering gold-domed towers and red brick roofs stands out on the green backdrop of bushes create a wonderful picture. Your tours to Bagan will not be complete without a pleasant experience like seeing the dawn at Bulethi Temple, exploring antique Bagan by bike, horse-drawn carriage or by foot, exploring each of the temples in Bagan, conquer the holy mountain of Popa and explore the countryside, enjoy the traditional specialties of Bagan, admire the panorama of Bagan from above.

In particular, to admire the panorama of nature and spectacular Bagan landscape, hot air balloons will be suitable companions to help you capture this luxurious moment.

Under hundred of colorful hot air balloons, the panoramic view of Bagan with thousands of sparkling temples by sunlight and the mist slowly appears. This splendid aerial tour is also a wonderful opportunity to help you admire the sun that is slowly rising in a magical way. Floating in the air for an hour, you will be served snacks and relax the most unforgettable feeling in your life. Come to Bagan and jump on enormous colorful hot air balloons right away.

Distinctive features of balloons over Bagan

If you want to experience more of Bagan, you should not miss a glorious adventure with balloons over Bagan and a panoramic view of old temples from above. Because hundreds of colorful hot air balloon gleaming in the sunrise sky are the symbol of Bagan.

Distinctive features of balloons over Bagan

Balloons over Bagan is an adventure sport. However, if you are clever and patient as well as passionate about exploring, you will definitely have a amazing experience. With every flight on the hot air balloon, you could completely be assured of the quality of the British canon of this type of transport, and experts are always ready to assist to ensure the safety of your tour by balloons over Bagan.

There are three well known balloon suppliers in Bagan: Bagan - Golden Eagle, Balloons Over Bagan and Oriental Ballooning. In particular, Balloons Over Bagan is the oldest and most renowned company. The price for a 40-50 minutes tour on the air balloon is $ 380 per person, a pretty high number. This price includes:
- Shuttle service at the hotel at, return at
- Tea and coffee before boarding the Air Balloon.
- Fly in the Bagan sky from 40 to 50 minutes depending on weather conditions
- Champagne and cakes at the finish of the tours

Your complete journey begins previous the sunrise and lasts about 3.5 hours, of which 45-60 minutes are in the balloon. Hot air balloon tours are only conducted from April to October, with great weather, no rain and soft winds. Thanks to that, a fantastic adventure with balloons over Bagan will suggestion tourists a serene and quiescent bird's-eye scenery of ancient temples, majestic nature, picturesque city drifting by. After that, with rich experience and years of local knowledge in Bagan, the pilot be able to control your hot air balloon to the landing point, where you could relax a romantic meal with fresh fruit, delicious cake and a glass of champagne to complete your good flight.

featured notes

As mentioned, balloons over Bagan is an journey sport. Therefore, you need to fully prepare and pay attention to the following:
- You should wear long-sleeved trouser and shirt from 100% natural fibers.
- Children under the age of eight years will not be allowed to participate in the flight. With a child under the age of sixteen years, it will only be flown if accompanied by a responsible adult.
- You need to provide accurate information about your weight to the pilot. Failure to provide accurate information in expand could result in refusal of the flight at the point of departure, so no refund will be given.

And now when everything is ready, your myanmar flight will start. You will could see the panorama of rich Bagan from above, admire the thousands of antique temples hidden in the mist, relax the picturesque dawn and experience the true flavor of this astonishing country from a different perspective. This is a fantastic experience, whether your companion is a relative or a stranger. Because, when together enjoying the luxurious spectacle from the sky, it will quiet be unforgettable memories.

balloons over Bagan

Wander around the skies of this picturesque city with balloons over Bagan will certainly give you a completely new feeling with tremendous interesting activities: admire the panoramic landscape of Bagan from above, float over the antique temples, experience the beautiful sunrise, enjoy the romantic meal with cake and champagne ...It will be a fascinating experience that you could hardly notice all over the world.

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