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Best time to get to burma

Generally there is no best time to visiti burma. The country schetch from North to South and ranging from East to West then you may notice wonderful things to do and places in any time of visiting

burma enjoys a tropical climate with three general seasons: hot (March to May), wet (June to September) and cool (October to February). The most favorite time to go to myanmar is between the months of November and February, when it is drier and cooler than at other times of the year. This is also the most well known time to travel so it is advisable to book your holiday well in advance. The hot season be able to be extremely hot
Summer season stars from March to can remains dry (meaning that street transport is tranquil relatively easy) but they be able to be extremely hot in the north – up to 40 degrees Celsius – but cooler in highland areas. During the wet season, some areas in the south of myanmar can be impossible to access.
The most common favorite time to visit burma is in the cool season between November and the finish of February when the rain is less frequent and the heat is at its lowest. During this time, morning and evenings are cool and afternoons warm and sunny with virtually no rain.
Generally speaking, burma may easy to access in all year round. Even though in the rainy season has the effect of monsoon in June, July, August and September, it is not rainy the whole country. Inle Lake is hilly region, sometimes you may find sudden rain pouring then stop. Mandalay and Bagan are dry-zones, even in monsoon period, we hardly find rainfall while Yangon and coastal regions may enjoy occasionally heavy rains during three months. The high level of rainfall can lead to some hotels located in beach areas closed.

Temperature diragram of burma

Myanmar Best time to visit

Rainfall diagram of myanmar

Best time to visit Myanmar

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