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Burma Country Quickview

Stretching from the gleaming islands of the Andaman Sea in the south right up into the Eastern Himalayan mountain range, burma (Burma) could offer all the natural wonders and traditional delights of Asia in one fascinating country.

where is Burma (or Burma)?

To this day burma (Burma), one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world, is stepping out of a cheered past into a new era of hope and optimism. A country – also known as burma – hold inside breathtaking beauty and charm only recently emerging into the up to date world. The location of burma at the crossroads of Asia’s amazing civilizations of India and China, looking out onto the vast bay of Bengal is a guarantee for such good beauty expect travelers.

So what be able to the casual visitor, therefore, expects upon arrival, and why should one embark on such a adventure in the first place? Burma (Burma), one of South East Asia’s largest and most diverse countries, stretches from the gleaming islands of the Andaman Sea in the south right up into the Eastern Himalayan mountain range. Burma be able to proffer all the natural wonders and traditional delights of Asia in one fascinating country. Virgin jungles, snow-capped mountains and pristine beaches, combined with a glorious and rich heritage spanning more than two thousand years.
Full name:Republic of the Union of burma
Capital city:Naypyidaw
Population:53.9 million
National language:Burmese
Time zone:(GMT+06:30) Yangon (Rangoon)
The country code:+95, and the internet access code is .mm.
Cell phone:GMS technology, SIM based.
International airports:Yangon and Mandalay.
Electricity:200 volts AC, 50Hz. Type C (European 2-pin), Type D (Old British 3-pin), Type F (German 2-pin, side clip earth), Type G (Irish/British 3-pin) more details
Business Hours:from 9am-5pm for own companies and 9:30-4:30 for government offices. Working days are from Monday through Friday.
Major Credit cards:Credit cards work fine in burma where accepted.
US$ note is quiescent very much preferable but should not be torn, ink-marked, folded and from 2003 series onwards.
National currency:Kyat (MMK). Exchange rate is about 1US$ = 1200MMK
Taxis:There are over 250 Buses lines running through Yangon everyday. For exclusive transport, there are car rental services.
Common local unit of weight:peiktha (viss), which equals to 3.6 pounds.
Most common unit of measure:feet and inches.
Religions:Buddhism; estimates range from 80% to 89%. Theravāda Buddhism is the most widespread. 7% Of the population identifies as Christian; 4% as Muslim; 1% follows traditional animistic beliefs
Major culture nominated:Buddhist and Bamar
Internet:Some calm use dial up, 3G available. The speed is relatively low.

Climate and weather:

burma has three main seasons, hot season, rainy season and cold season. Hot season is from March to can, rainy season is from June to October and cold season is from November to February. The tropical monsoon is usually cloudy, rainy, hot, humid summers and less cloudy, scant rainfall, mild temperatures, lower humidity during winter. (Read more: Best time to go to myanmar)
myanmar lies in the monsoon region of Asia, with its coastal regions receiving over 5,000 mm (196.9 in) of rain annually. Annual rainfall in the delta region is approximately 2,500 mm (98.4 in), while average annual rainfall in the Dry Zone in central myanmar is less than 1,000 mm (39.4 in). The Northern regions of burma are the coolest, with average temperatures of 21 °C (70 °F). Coastal and delta regions own an average maximum temperature of 32 °C (89.6 °F).

myanmar (Burma) People:

myanmar is made up of 135 national races, of which the main national races are Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Bamar, Mon, Rakhine and Shan. There are more than 100 ethnic groups in myanmar. Some of the Ethnic groups are listed as Akha, Palaung, Padaung, Naga, Taron, Eng and numerous more close to extinct tribes. The religions are Buddhist, Christian and Muslim. The major language is burma, but minority ethnic groups contain their possess languages. English is widely spoken and understood. (More on: myanmar or Burmese people)

Neighboring Countries

burma has numerous neighbouring countries, Bangladesh is located in the West, India in the Northwest, China in the Northeast, Laos and Thailand in the East.

Best places to travel:

  • Biggest cities Yangon and Mandalay; religious sites in Mon State, Pindaya, Bago and Hpa-An
  • Nature trails in Inle Lake, Kengtung, Putao, Pyin Oo Lwin;
  • ancient cities such as Bagan and Mrauk-U;
  • myanmar Beaches in Nabule, Ngapali, Ngwe-Saung, Mergui.

Emergency treatment and crime:

The medical and emergency treatment has been poor. The richs in burma often seek for hi-tech treatment in Singapore and Thailand. The crime targeted to foreign tourists in burma is raletively low despite the fact that myanmar is the second largest country of opium producer. The murder rate in myanmar mostly is related to communal violence and armed conflict, not to travelers.

Things to do and What to realize in burma (Burma)?

burma is a charming, captivating country home to a diverse array of ethnic groups and some unforgettable sites and landscapes. Its relatively undeveloped nature means venturing out to rural regions is a rewarding and fascinating way to gain greater insights into the country and its citizen.

burma is an ideal site for journey. Because wherever you go in myanmar, whether it be cruising down the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River in style, drifting over the antique city of Bagan by hot air balloon, or searching for that elusive tiger on the back of an elephant, there is always a feeling of exciting and challenging. The trek places stretch from mountain trekking and rafting in the far north to world class diving in the Mergui Archipelago. (view some tour here)

Infrastructure in myanmar (Burma) is quite undeveloped, so you may meet power cuts, uncomfortable street journeys or changes to your itinerary due to domestic schedules. Internet and wifi is not easily to access and sometimes result in charges in some hotels.

It is primary to 'keep face' in burma and remain patient and calm in your dealings with people. A stay in burma can be a magical experience, with warm, welcoming citizen, salient sights and a greater understanding of this compelling country.

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