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Experience Yangon Circular Train

With as cheap as about one US dollars, a foreigner be able to enjoy true essence of Yangon local life with a train ride through pretty rural landscapes.
While Yangon is a fast-paced, chaotic city to get lost in, riding the Circle Line train provides a window into the daily routine of the burma citizen away from the commercial center of the country. Train Circle, which has existed since British colonial times, marks an primary cultural feature to Yangon citizen.
The train begins from Yangon Central Railway Station to Mingaladon Railway Station near Yangon International Airport, via Insein to the west and Okkalapa in the east. When you arrive at the station, train guards will immediately point you in the right direction of the traveler ticket booth as you pass through the aged platforms, rusting antiquated trains and families sleeping rough on any spare space available.
Myanmar Station
The carriage rocks and rumbles as you slowly make your way through 45.9 kilometres of track via 39 stations which form a loop around Yangon. Stopping at each and every station for only a minute or two, citizen clamber on with only seconds to spare, lugging on more belongings than you could squeeze into an average sized car boot. The train returns back to Yangon’s city station prior making the identical journey over and over again throughout the day (about 20 times with 100,000 to 150,000 sold per day), until the early afternoon. The loop, which takes about three hours to complete, is a good way to notice a cross section of life in Yangon.
The train schedule is from 3:45 am to 10:15 pm daily. The cost of a ticket for a distance of 15 miles is one hundred kyats - local myanmar currency (approx. Nine US cents), and that for over 15 miles is two hundred kyats (about 18 US cents). For our customers, mostly foreigners, you will pay 1 USD or 1200 Kyat in a little ticket office on platform seven in Central Railway Station regardless of the length of the tour and ticket is valid for the whole day. That’s great way to find the views of Yangon surrounding changing at each stop.
Yangon Circle Train Myanmar

Some words of Train Circle in myanmar history

Yangon Circular Railway was built during colonial times by the British for short transfer around the city. In July 2011, the Ministry of Rail Transportation announced that it intended to privatize the Yangon Circular Railway, since the government-run system operates at a loss for the government.
In December 2012, Japan International Cooperation Agency began its collaboration with Yangon City Development Committee to advance a master plan for the Greater Yangon region, including the issue of public transport.
While train adventure in burma generally is a real issues that need your consider much, Yangon Circular train is amazing method for those one who want to experience something truly local. The train experience of 45 minutes up to 2-3 hours is interesting experience because of its uniqueness that you never see in other parts of South East Asia countries, let alone Western ones.
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