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Most Common FAQs for myanmar adventure in 2018

The most common questions for myanmar tour answered by experts will clear all your concerns while planning and booking tours with us.

01. What is the correct name for the country: 'Burma' or 'Myanmar'?

Both names mean exactly the identical and suffer the identical insufficiency as both assign the name of the ruling ethnic group (namely the ‘Bamar’, or ‘Burmans’, or ‘Myanmar’) to the whole country, thus repeating a pattern of discrimination or complacency towards minorities. ‘Burma’ and ‘Myanmar’ are derived from Burmese words (more precisely, from the language of the ‘Bamar’, or ‘Burmans’), which differ only on a stylistic level.
The name ‘Myanmar’ was adopted by the regime in 1989 without any democratic legitimization. While we don’t actually mind using ‘Myanmar’, we would definitely prefer if this change would retrospectively be confirmed by a genuinely democratic decision.

02. Is myanmar safe for tourists?

Yes. The conflict within burma was too far in the past. Now most of burma is in peace and safe for general travelers. You could sometime hear bad news of small explosions in myanmar but please keep in mind that myanmar is quite grand country and the most well known places for tourists hardly witness such chaos. We contain never been reported any case of our customers getting in trouble with safety issues when taking adventure in burma.

03. What is the following step, after I made a reservation with you?

After receiving your acceptance of journey, price and payment procedure, we will immediately make necessary arrangements which normally carry about 2 working days. We will then send to you confirmation by e - mail with your booking status. You will then require to settle a 30% deposit in order to guarantee your reservation. The remaining balance be able to be settled upon your arrival in burma.

04. How do I participate in your tour from my hometown?

Our burma tours begin once you arrive at the Yangon Airport in myanmar . You may depart from any country and start your tours upon arrival. Most common starting place is Yangon airport - via from Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur where you be able to contain a better connection flights from your home country. One of tours representatives - often a tours guide - will encounter you at the arrival lounge upon your arrival.

05. Be able to I arrange my International air ticket with you?

Logically Yes! But we do not offer to do so in fact. International air is best purchase at the point of starts. No agents in Yangon or in other country could suggestion you the better price than a agent at your starting country. We recommend you should consult with your local ticketing agent for cheapest prices.

06. How may I pay for tour? is a property of HIT Indochina Company (formerly named Holiday Indochina Company) with headquarter in Hanoi Vietnam then we will process your payment in Vietnam. We are integrating with Onepay, the original Online Payment Gateway and Vietcombank, the largest bank in Vietnam to process all card payment through our websites. Onepay Online Payment Gateway with SSL technology will process and encrypt your card information at international standards and store them at Card Organization Data center. Please refer our payment guidelines and learn how your card is protected.

07. Could I use credit card in Myanmar?

All major credit card service in myanmar are very limited >> Updates Oct 2014: Major cards are widely accepted in broad hotels and restaurants at main cities. There are also AMTs installed in front of hotels and landmark. From our most recent feedback from our customers, ATM card and credit cards work fine at a fee about 3.5% per transaction.
Anyway, we offer that you should prepare some cash for your daily expenses. US notes and local burma currency are all welcome. Refer some notes of using money in myanmar here.

08. How can I get burma Visa?

At present, visitors ought to contain a valid passport with an EVT before to enter burma. EVT be able to be obtained at any burma Embassy or Consulate offices with validity for 28 days. Application forms in duplicate with three-passport size photos are to be submitted with a fee of US$ 20 equivalent in their respective currency.
Visa-on-Arrival - may be arranged for those countries where burma Embassy or Consulate office does not exists. ≫> Updates Oct 2014: VOA be able to be arranged by accessing to, following the steps, paying Online by credit cards and getting it done via Internet completely...details here.

09. Can I carry my mobile phone into Myanmar?

Local network in burma is GMS which can be incompatible with CDMA technology in North America and EU. Buying SIM card in myanmar be able to be quite pricey but now widely available >> Updates Oct 2014: buying a SIM card in myanmar now is as cheap as US$ 02 at any mobile shop in main cities.
Otherwise, you can want to roam your services but it often results in high charges. Please check carefully with your service providers prior departure

10. When is best time to travel Myanmar?

burma country stretches in both height and width then it is diverse in weather and temperature. That means you could get to burma all year round. We see our customers most favor from October to February due to this time is cool and there are many local festivals. If you want to get fantastic deals and less crowded, can to September will be splendid time to travel. With beach lovers, March to could be able to be best when you may enjoy sea, sand and sun.

11. What are best places to get to in Myanmar?

This is the country new open its windows to the world. You can notice wonderful in each place you putting your feet on. Peaceful, we have a list of top interesting places in an interacting map so that you could contain some ideas to start with your burma journey (click here)

12. How much a myanmar journey costs?

Well, it is hard to say how much your adventure will cost because it will depend numerous things such as: your accommodation, your group size, your activities you are interested in ect…However as far as our experience we find cost of traveling to burma a bit higher than Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. Then if you take tours to Vietnam previous, we recommend you should prepare a more generous budget for the equivalent journey length and services standards.

13. How far should I plan adventure to Myanmar?

Generally speaking ….the further the better, as travel services in myanmar as well as the whole country is just newly open to the world. They contain never been accommodated such high volume of passengers prior. Then the infrastructure is sometimes insufficient. We believe the situation will change soon while until now we must be adapted with real scenario. We often find our customers book their burma journey at least 2 to 3 months before departure or even 6 months for some cases.

14. How fantastic Internet communication in Myanmar?

Internet connection is now widely available in burma. Wifi can be accessed from most of hotels. The signal is fairly good and/or could require to change your proxy to get connected.

15. What vehicle will be used in my burma Tour?

We ought to admit that the cars in myanmar are not the newest models as yours in Western countries. This is the country policy not allow to import brand-new cars with high quotas. But we be able to guarantee that our vehicles is top comfortable ones in burma with air conditioning, comfort space for your legs and luggage, high hygiene.

16. What is meals included in your myanmar tours?

Daily breakfast and welcome dinner are included in our myanmar adventure as our general standards. All trips on cruises will supply full board meal plan. In some places where is not easy enough for you to getting around and buying food, meals will be added to your tours, too. We indicate clearly meal plan in each tour offered for you so please read your myanmar journey program carefully or talk with our consultants to clarify.

17. Is it easy to go to by public transport or taxi in Myanmar?

There is public transport in big cities of myanmar but we do not offer you using then due to low vehicles conditions and crowdedness. Taxi is easy to catch in large cities and you should ask for price before getting in. Taxi drivers do not often use meter machine to calculate the price but it does not mean they are cheating on you. This is the whole situation of taxi there and we can realize this change in coming time.
We offer you should refer our experiences on Local Bus transfer and Train go to to decided which mode of transportaion will fit you.

18. Which activities suggest for my tours to Myanmar?

That will be very various. Burma is renowned for pagoda and stupas, then you must find some bests of them. However, to avoid overwhelming with religious related topics, we recommend you should add other activities to your myanmar adventure such as: beach, balloon riding, biking, cruising ect. If you don’t know much about this, just tell to our consultant your desire then we will be happy to customize a best myanmar tour just for you.

19. How much I must deposit? How long I ought to pay the balance

Booking burma tour with us, we guarantee not only best services but most comfortable payment schedule. Your deposit is not little than 20% while not exceed than 30% of the total. The balance will be made even upon arrival to burma to our Rep office there. You will be risk free when booking with a tour company thousand kilometers far away.

20. Last but not least, what happen if I want to cancel the tour?

In any case under Acts of God such as: storm, tsunami, bad weather, natural disasters or out-of-control situation such as: bombing, political rebels, government policies changing, cancellation by airlines ect, we will make full refund to your account.
In case that you want to cancel myanmar tour under your own desire, the cancellation have to follow our Booking Term and Conditionsshowing in this website
finally, whatever the situation is, we will do our all efforts to make your cancellation and refund without any hassle and as easy as booking myanmar adventure with us.

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