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Note on the use of myanmar net and telephone

Nowadays, the Internet and telephone become so known for and almost indispensable in the daily life. Especially when traveling, it is very important for adventurer to contact, catch information, destinations, way back in one country. In addition, myanmar is a developing country and the myanmar net is tranquil limited. So if you want to use telephone and Internet in myanmar, you should take some notes below.

History of myanmar net development

The first Internet connection in myanmar (formerly known as Burma) was established in 2000.

Since September 2011, the level of Internet censorship in Burmese history has decreased dramatically. Previous to September 2011, the military government worked actively to restrict and control Internet access through censorship based on software, infrastructure and technical limitations, laws and regulations with fines. Big and long prison sentences for the offenders.

Internet usage in myanmar

In 2015, the internet users significantly increased to 12.6% with the introduction of the faster mobile 3G internet by transnational telecommunication companies, Telenor myanmar and Ooredoo myanmar, and later joined by national burma Post and Telecommunications (MPT).

While the internet situation in burma has constantly been evolving since its introduction in 2010 and reduction of censorship in 2011, laws like the 2013 Telecommunications Law continue to restrict citizens from total freedom online. However, internet penetration continues to increase nationwide despite the restrictions.

Situation of network in burma

1. Service providers, Internet cafés:

5BB Broadband, Yatanarpon Teleport, WeLink burma, burma Speednet, myanmar Net, satellite internet provider Skynet, the state-owned myanmar Post and Telecommunication (MPT), Kinetic myanmar Technology and AGB Communication are the Internet service providers in Mandalay and Yangon.

In the past, Internet cafes were the general access center for domestic internet users and most used different software to bypass government proxy servers. Until the democratization in 2011, with the advent of the cheap mobile internet and the improvement of telecommunications infrastructure after liberalization, Internet cafes contain become less famous. However, they are calm widely available to acces Internet in myanmar, especially in Yangon and Mandalay and are used when people write a review and some other activities.

The Cafe Internet in burma

2. Internet in other towns and rural areas

The internet access for home use in other towns except Yangon and Mandalay is the only ADSL, provided by MPT. But the internet fees are so expensive.

- By 2017, MPT ADSL will cost 325,000 burma Kyat (estimated at US $ 240).

- For the initial ADSL Setup fee, the MPT offers a price of 50,000 myanmar Kyat (estimated at $ 37) without CPE.

- The monthly charge for 512kbit / s (lowest bandwidth) is 17,000 myanmar Kyat (estimated at US $ 13) and the 2.5 Mb / s (highest bandwidth) fee is 80,000 myanmar Kyat (60 US dollars) calculation).

- The annual fee is 50,000 myanmar Kyat (estimated at 37 USD)

- Internet FTTH is not available in the towns.

3. Mobile Phone Usage

Nowadays, the price of SIM cards in myanmar is decreasing thanks to the growth of using Internet in burma and telecom operators. Specifically, the price of 1 sim card goes from "~ 245,000 kyats (reported as $ 250) in 2013 to ~ 1,542 kyats (reportedly $ 1.5) in 2014. Although the cost remains high for burma, Burmese are quiet eagar to pay for mobile phones, with more than 18.1 million active SIM cards

Notes for foreign tourists

● It is only in Yangon to possess fiber-optic internet while in Pagan or other places there are high-speed ADSL billboards such as Vietnam in 2000.

● Some hotels propostion burma ‘s internet but with quite high prices, please check with the hotel reception. If you stay in Yangon, you may rent a computer at the hotel for 1000kat per hour of use with amazing quality

● There is not much internet cafe in burma, only in the heart of the city for quite high prices. In addition, the government of myanmar restricts and regulates the use of the internet as well as telephone. You will not own access to some famous social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype or Yahoo Msg. Gmail & Google talk could use but frequently bug

Notes for foreign tourists on use of myanmar net and telephone

● Internet access via mobile devices to the wifi hotspot in hotels in burma is nearly impossible or very slow. You should be aware of this when you intend to use it.

● To purchase a SIM card, foreigners need to possess photocopies of their passport photo page and burma visa page, as well as one passport photo. SIM cards are 3G mobile data enabled and criterion SIM and micro SIM cards are available.

● Note that mobile network access is often patchy or non-existent in rural areas, but usually works well in towns.

● International calls cost more than $ 5 / minute and could only be done reliably from the hotel; Note that only a few calls permit international calls and you may calm be charged for a call even though it is not connected.

● Public phones: You be able to not realize a public telephone booth in the city. All calls to foreign countries are controlled by the government and allowed to be called. Guests should check the price with the hotel previous calling.

Hope these information about myanmar net and telephone will be useful for you when learning about this country, especially for foreign tourists.

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