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Top 5 Places to adventure in Myanmra (Burma)

see our top places of interests for myanmar tours with short description. They are not covering all splendid place of burma but they should not be missed when you're planning a memorable trip to burma.

myanmar is a delightful and sacred country, largely uncharted by tourists. Located in Southeast Asia on the Bay of Bengal, the country has preserved its culture and sight, remaining relatively unchanged since the British colonial times. The country is known as the ‘Golden Land’ because of the countless number of pagodas and temples, which dominate the landscape.
myanmar also offers a variety of characteristic beauties and historical artifacts like gleaming waterfalls, graceful lakes, glamorous caves, untouched beaches and the thousand year antique golden pagodas scattered around burma, especially in Bagan and Mandalay. (See: burma map here)

uncover more about these top attractions in the country that you should not miss out when tour to Myanmar:

1. Yangon - the former capital

Yangon, the most cosmopolitan city in burma which used to be capital of burma until 2005, has earned the name of "The Garden City of the East". You will find the incredible Shwedagon Pagoda and have opportunity to feed your shopping habit on the vast array of traditional burma arts and crafts.
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2. Mandalay - the antique capital

Mandalay is the second largest city in myanmar (after Yangon), and a former capital of myanmar. Mandalay is famous for its spectacular Royal Palace, the world largest ringing bell in Mingun and the old colonial British hill stations of Pyin Oo Lwin, new experiences are to be found around burma.
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3. Bagan - the land of over 2000 stupas and pagodas

Known as the city of four million pagodas, Bagan is one of the richest archaeological sites in Asia. You be able to also landscape the temple filled view at sunrise by hot-air-balloon. Bagan is likely to be the attraction to any burma holiday.
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4. Inle Lake - the giant natural lake at 1800m height

Inle reflects outstanding landscape, pure natural beauty and becomes one of the most known for tourist destinations in the Shan State. Getting on the lake will open your eyes to special local methods of farming and fishing. Spot fishermen rowing by in a special method —propelling their boats forward with one leg wrapped around an oar.
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5. Ngapali Beach - the best beach of the country

Ngapali is perhaps Myanmar’s best-known beach. With its miles of white sand, turquoise waters and green palms, it is steadily becoming one of the most captivating beaches in the world.
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