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Obtain myanmar Visa via eVISA

Early Sep 2014, burma Government officially launched a portal for e-Visa application which is expected to supply quick and easy services to tourists planning adventure to burma. Today we are going to contain a quick landscape of the procedure and core regulations.
In recent years, myanmar has become a new tourist attraction. In order to proposal convenience for oversea tourists traveling to myanmar, the government of this nation now supplies e-Visa service for foreign travelers since Sep 2014. This is some information for you about burma e-Visa service.
Myanmar visa

HOW tremendous COUNTRIES be able to APPLY FOR burma E-VISA?

On very first launch, the system accepts the application from citizens of 43 countries. Since Nov 2014, the list added 24 more countries. Totally, the system could process the application from 68 countries at quick and convenience. E-Visa now has been extended up 32 more countries, made the total up to 100 countries. You may scan whether your nationality is listed via this this link.


To obtain a myanmar E-visa, you have to access and accomplish 4 following steps:
Step 1: Fill in the secure online visa form
The applicant is required to enter all the necessary information in the visa form.
Step 2: Confirm and pay
The applicant needs to verify all the information entered is correct before proceeding to the following step. Make the payment with Credit Card. An acknowledgment email with application reference code will be sent to applicant's email.
Step 3: Get approval letter within three (03) days
The approval process may bring up to three (03) working days. The applicant will receive e-Visa approval letter via email once approved. Print out the approval letter and take along with the passport. You will need to present it upon arrival.
Step 4: Get e-Visa stamped upon arrival
Upon arrival to burma Immigration checkpoint, present e-Visa approval letter and passport to Immigration officer and get the passport stamped.


Fee for a tourist Visa online is US$50 (S$62.52) and Visa valid within 28 days. This applies for Single Entry only. In case, you are not sure about the form filling, HIT burma will do this on your behalf and pay the fee. Please kindly, pay all online credit cart online payment fees if any.
Myanmar Visa on arrival


1. Adventurer visa issued with e-Visa system will be launched at 06:00 on 1st September 2014.
2. Regarding the information of e-Visa is on website and the information of restricted area on
3. You may apply as next procedures:
- Your passport validity have to possess AT LEAST 6 MONTHS.
- You ought to present one COLOR photo (4 cm X 6 cm) taking during 3 months and return ticket.
- The length of stay is 28 days from the date of arrival in burma.
- You pay the application fee, US$ 50 by using Visa, Master, Amex, and JCB - Credit/ Debit.
- You will not be refunded whether e-Visa is granted or not.
- The system will reply the information if the application is received or not within 1 HOURS.
- The processing time is maximum 03 DAYS WORKING for granting e-Visa or not.
- The validity of e-Visa approval letter is 3 MONTHS from the issued date. If it is expired, the entry will be denied.
4. If the applicant mentioned children under 7 years antique who is accompany with him/her, you ought to put the name of that child, date of birth in the minor block of the application form.
5. The applicant should complete independent private data whether the passenger is FIT or package adventure.
6. Duration of visa validity you could only use single entry. Do not permit to enter again.
7. For initial, passengers with e-Visa are only permitted to enter at Yangon, Mandalay, and Nay Pyi Taw airports.

8. The passengers from international cruise ships may NOT use eVisa for their entry via sea ports. Please contact to the ships or a tours operator in myanmar to complete your visa procedure.
9. If the decision is not allowed to entry, you may return by the identical flight.
10. Ordinary passport holders from the next countries are giving visa exemption for 14 days: Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Brunei.

Should you inclue any question or concern, please contact us or call to our most convenient diplomatic office (refer myanmar Embassies list here)
Important Annoucement:
myanmar Government stopped all Visa On Arrival process for tourists from visit Agents. All tourists are advised to process their burma visa directly at the sole online portal address: Be aware of the websites claim that they could process Visa On Arrival for you!

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