Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn Myanmar Guides. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng
Hiển thị các bài đăng có nhãn Myanmar Guides. Hiển thị tất cả bài đăng

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Top Important Festivals in myanmar

myanmar has several festivals during a year with most of activities related to Buddhist religion. Let go with SEA WANDER to discover some of the most important festivals in this good country

1. Full Moon of Tabaung

Full Moon of Tabaumg Festival is the traditional merit-making day for Buddhists. It takes site in the full moon day of the 3rd lunar month in Burmese calendar (often in Feb of may as in western calendar.)
  • 2017 date: 11 February
  • 2018 date: 01 March
  • The spiritual purposes of this day comprise: not to involve any kind-hearted of sins, do only wonderful deeds, purify one’s mind.

Myanmar Full moon festival

On this occasion, Buddhists visit pagoda and carried out merit-making activities. The meaning of this festival is to show veneration to Buddha and his teaching.
According to the legend, Full Moon of Tabaung festival marks the 4 fabulous events happening at the Veḷuvana bamboo grove, close to Rājagaha in northern India ten months after the enlightenment of the Buddha. As recorded, four auspicious facts are:
  • 1,250 disciples came to realize the Buddha on this evening without being summoned.
  • All of them were Arhantas or Enlightened Ones. They were ordained by the Buddha himself.
  • The Buddha gave Arhantas the principles of Buddhism, which are: to cease from all evils; to do what is good; to cleanse one's mind.
  • It was a full-moon day.

The Myanmar’s greatest pagoda festival, namely the Yangon’s Shwedagon Pagoda festival is taken place on this time. It begins with the nakyake shitsu ceremony that supply offerings for 28 Buddhas, followed by a 10-day nonstop recounting by the Pathana (Buddhist scriptures) about 24 causes of worldly phenomena.
Other pagoda festivals are held on this day, including the Shwe Settaw Pagoda Festival in Minbu Township and the Alaungdaw Kathapa Pagoda Festival in Sagaing Region (Mandalay).

2. Thingyan New Year Festival

Organized from 13rd to 16th April coinciding with Easter, this is the Water Festival - the biggest festival - to welcome New Year in myanmar. Water symbolizes for purity that be able to clear away all sins, diseases and bad lucks. So citizen splash water to each other to begin a new year with a cleansed soul.
In burma, the festival is commonly known as Thingyan, which means “change”.
It lasts over 4 days:
  • Akyo-nei (Thingyan Eve)
  • A-kya nei, A-kyat nei and A-tet nei (the final)
  • The fifth day is Hnit hsan ta yet nei (New Year’s Day).

Water festival Myanmar

On Thingyan chance, Thaya Min God from the heaven come down to the earth on his annual travel. At the exact time of Thaya Min God’s arrival, booming of cannon sounds. After that, traditional rites are carried out to welcome the God.
fantastic humor prevails during the festival time. Citizen with buckets, pots and cans of water splash to anybody passing over. Powerful water pipes are everywhere to douse citizen. Decorated cars or carts are driven around to throw water to everybody and get wet in return. Children use water pistols to drench their friends and relatives. In grand cities like Yangon, hoses and hydrants in gardens, water balloons and even fire hoses are also used for the festival.
No passer-by will flee from from drenching, no matter whether they are Buddhist or non-Buddhist, Burmese or non-Burmese, except monks, elders, sick ones and of course pregnant women.

Read more: Our top 7 advice to relax your Water festival in burma. Enjoyable, getting more fun and forgetable experience in myanmar.

Soaked to skin, even with water in nostrils, ears and eyes then being laughed, as the spirit of Thingyan, is called as cheer and friendship.
All corners of the country become absolutely jubilant and vibrant. Burmese damsels apply thanaka on face, pin sweet scented yellow padauk flowers on hair and dance on street.
On the last day, some citizen still sprinkle water onto others and say an apology, something like “Thagya Min God left his water tube and he will come back to get it.”
In the traditional way, young people will wash hair for their adults by beans and barks of acacia rugata tree. Fish and even bigger animals are released back to lakes and rivers with the wish: “I release you once, you release me ten times.”

3. Kason Watering Festival – Buddha Day

As the most important day in Buddhist world, this day is taken destination in the time that all ponds, lakes and creeks decrease to its lowest level. Kason, the second month of Burmese calendar (usually in May), is deemed as the hottest month in the hot season.
Kason full-moon day signify 4 most significant days in Gotama Buddha life time:
  • The day he had been prophesied to become the following Buddha. Dipankara Budha predicted that the hermit Sumedha would become Gotama Buddha, the latest one in this Buddha world.
  • The day he was born
  • The day he achieved ENLIGHTENMENT (became a Buddha)
  • And the day he entered PARINIRVANA (passed away)

The Burmese celebrate this day by watering the Maha-Bodhi tree at diverse burma pagodas. Maha-Bodhi is the spiritual banyan tree which Gotama Buddha sat under when he attained enlightenment.
Kason Watering Festival

As Kason is the hottest month, the earth is truly dry. To show respect to Gotama Buddha, people pour water on the foot of Maha-Bodhi tree to make sure it does not die of drought during hot summer. This ceremony has become an important part of burmese culture on every full-moon day of Kason. Buddhists will march in a big procession to Maha-Bodhi tree or to pagodas to pour scented water.

4. Full-moon of Tazaungmon (Tazaungdaing or Festival of Lights)

Also known as Festival of Lights, it is held on Tazaungmon - the eighth month of Burmese calendar (usually in November). This day marks the finish of the rainy season.
Tazaungdaing Festival is to honor the introduction of Buddhism in myanmar. On this day, robe-weaving competitions to create featured yellow monk robes named matho thingyan are held over the country during two consecutive nights (the preceding night and the full-moon night), most outstanding in Yangon’s Shwedagon pagoda. Contestants will work continuously from night to sunrise. These robes will be offered to monks in the Kahtain ceremony.

More reading: Festival of Lights (or Lighting Festival in Myanmar) in November annually: the activities, the best places to enjoy and suggested journey program to get there.

Tazaungmon festival myanmar

This habit commemorates the well-known story about the Gautama Buddha’s life. Understanding that the Buddha would soon pass away, the Gautama Buddha’s mother, Maya, spent the whole night weaving yellow robes for him. Her sister Gotami (Buddha’s aunt) then kept on this habit and offered new robes annually.
Nevertheless, the main significance of this festival is light, as many suppose this festival has existed even previous the introduction of Buddhism in burma, to honor the God of Light and the awakening of Lord Vishnu. Sparkle fireworks, fire balloons are sent to the sky and multicolored lanterns are lighted. It is also said that the Gautama Buddha would return to Tawadeintha on this day to adventure his mother’s reincarnated spirit so citizen illuminate the path for him by lighting candles and lanterns.
In Shan state, long queues of citizen holding traditional lit lotus flower lanterns march on roads. Especially in Taunggyi, hot air balloons made from bamboo and mulberry paper are released on air as offerings to Tavatimsa, the heaven in Buddhist cosmology, or as a way to drive away evil spirits. This tradition is also held in Naypyidaw and Pyin Oo Lwin.
Also on this opportunity, many citizen come back home to pay homage to elders. Almsgiving and charity consisting of sautuditha feasts are also common during this festival, regarded as merit-making activities.

Top myanmar Beaches & Best Time for Beach Holidays

myanmar beach is rather different from ones in SE Asian country. Beaches in burma (Burma) is very beautiful, untouched, and quiet however those beaches are not suitable for swimming all year around, especially summer time - from April to Aug.

Having a long coastline but myanmar (Burma) beaches are not famous like other countries in Southeast Asia. Nevertheless, it is so regretful if you don’t relax the sunshine on these beaches as reaching Southeast Asia. Numerous of burma beaches are unspoilt and undiscovered, reminiscent of Thailand’s beaches 20 years ago, absolutely quiet and tranquil. Endless island and untouched beaches, myanmar is really an alluring place for lovers of the sea.
Here is the list of the top beaches in burma country.

1. Ngapali beach - the most renowned beach in burma (Burma)

Myanmar Ngapali beach

Dreamy coasts, idyllic palm lines, pristine white sands and the blue crystal-clear waters of Bengal Bay, these are words tremendous travellers say about Ngapali beach. This best myanmar beach is also extremely impressive thanks to pretty fishing villages, lovely boats bobbing on the waters and ox-drawn carts ambling along the Ngapali coastline. Although Ngapali beach is currently experiencing some changes of a construction boom, there's peaceful a lot of virgin spaces.
The name of the beach "Ngapali", has no meaning in Burmese, but derives from the Italian "Napoli" (the city of Naples).
Ngapali beach has a host of complex accommodations from small beach huts to luxury villas and bungalows. Fresh seafood is abundant and splendid. Sea sports for travelers are also various, consisting of snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, cycling and golf. Ngapali beach is a fabulous place of Myanma (Burma) to watch the gorgeous sunset over the Bay of Bengal.

The peak season at Ngapali beach is from November to March, because of its very kind-hearted weather. Even at the high season, Ngapali beach is a peaceful, drowsy, early-to-bed site, however, the prices might be skyrocketed. Things are nearly enchanting during the rainy season (April to Sep) when flights drop to once a week and most hotels either shut or keep open only a handful of rooms.

2. Ngwe Saung beach (Silver Beach)

Ngwe Saung Silver Beach) Myanmar

Ngwe Sung beach is in south of Ngapali - the most renowned beach in burma (Burma) - and closer to Yangon, comprising 15 km of white sand bordered by tall, lush palm trees swaying in winds. Sea at Ngwe Sung beach is as pure as in Ngapali, but this beach has not well developed, which is an actually relaxation spot to do nothing.
From Yangon - Myanmar's former capital, you can bring a 35-minute flight or a six-hour street trip to reach Ngwe Sung beach. If you want a more challenging experience, let select a 16-hour boat tour from Yangon to the gateway town of Pathein.
Ngwe Sung meaning Silver beach has several marine sports for travelers like scuba diving and snorkeling. You could hire a motorbike to find out the 15-km beach and conquer the hard sand sections. The seafood here is great -- lobster, shrimp, crab, fish -- and if you are on the seaside early in early morning you will maybe realize fishermen coming in with fresh seafood on their hand.

3. Chaung Tha beach

Chaung Tha myanmar beach

Chaung Tha beach is 25 miles west of Pathein. Near Yangon, this beach is hugely popular to Burmese middle-class families from the city. Chuang Tha beach, to be honest, is not as captivating as Ngapali or Ngwe Saung beaches. The reasons are the sand isn’t as white and the beachfront is a jumble of hotels. However, it’s an suitable place to see how Burmese play and sleep on beach.
If you’re here during the peak season and want to hide from from the crowds, let get a boat to reveal neighboring islands. Take along your have snorkel and you may see a world of tropical fish.
Chaung Tha isn’t fit as a deserted beach, but it is clean, sunny, the easiest beach to reach in burma.

4. Kanthaya Beach

Kanthaya myanmar beach

Kanthaya beach is worthy to hit if you really want to get away from development and up to date civilization. This beach of myanmar (Burma) is unspoiled and undeveloped, naturally beautiful, empty and really tranquil. There are no beachside sports and shops, and that is just its main highlight. You will be impossible to book a hotel in expand, but you are sure to notice a room when you arrive.
Kanthaya means “Pleasant” in Burmese. This myanmar beach is shallow and 4.5-km long. Unlike the white sandy beach of Ngapali, 100 km north, the sand here is golden and a bit gritty. You could walk along the coast, climb small hills, watch birds and talk to local fishermen.

unique notes for enjoying myanmar beach holidays:

  • Beaches in burma has its low season in rainy season from may to October because it rains nearly all days long. Ngwe Saung & Chaungtha beach are available on this time however the sea is not very much beautiful and clean due to lots of mud. Most hotels and resorts in Ngapali beach are closed actually. Some hotels in Ngapali beach, if open, will offer very grand discounts. The bad weather of rains will lead to flights limited and cancelled with very short previous notices.
  • The best alternatives for beach holidays in burma from be able to to October are beaches in Vietnam - that are the most charming in summer from be able to to September. The connection is so easy with a short, cheap flight from Yangon to Ho Chi Minh city by Vietjet Air. Contact us to manage!
  • The criteria of burma beach holiday costume is a jean and T-shirt. Not kidding, that is true, the Burmese swim in their jeans. Others wear shorts or cotton pajamas, but obviously there is no room for bikini. However, this is tranquil exception for foreigners.

Increase Zone Fee to Bagan, myanmar

Bagan zone fee increased since January 01, 2015 from US$ 15 to US$ 20 per person. This fee is applicible for all foreign traveler with one-time payment at the local airport.
burma Ministry of Culture announced the increase of Bagan Zone fee to US$ 20 per person. This fee is applicable for all foreign tourists coming into Bagan. The prior price was US$ 15 per person. The fee is collect one time at the local airport.
Bagan zone fee tickets
A sample of the zone fee tickets since it was US$ 15 per person
(Photo credit to SEA WANDER
Inspection in August 2014)

Bagan is an important archaeological zone that is recognized by UNESCO. With a single payment of the zone fee, foreign tourists can access all stupas and temple here up to 2,200 items and further historical sites. Among them, the most typical ones that could not be missed are Ananda temple, Shwesandaw temple or often known "Sunset temple" because tourists come here climb up to the top for the panoramic spectacle of the whole Bagan and the Shwezigon pagoda - a smaller version of the iconic Shwedagon pagoda in Yangon.

seawander.asia - SEA WANDER is going to charge this change for our following bookings. For the bookings confirmed prior the announcement, seawander.asia will absorb this increase.

Discover Authentic myanmar Countryside in Mawlamyine

The city is the capital of Mon state with very much luxurious in historical building and culture that is truly off the tourism.

Mawlamyine is the fourth largest city in burma and emerging as a new destination for travelers. Mawlamyine, about 250km by street from Yangon, remains untouched with likeable countryside and interesting local life here. The city is the capital of Mon state with very much luxurious in historical building and culture that is really off the tourism.
How to get there?
Mawlamyine can reach by all road, rail and air. The buses often leave at night, carry about 07 hours and costs you from 8000 – 10.000 Kyats. Two most trusted companies are PTT and Yar Zar Min buses.
There are two train daily depart from Yangon to Mawlamyine at 6Am and 7.15AM. However, SEA WANDER does not offer this mode of transport. First of all, the timing is rather long while take place during daytime. That cost you a day for touring around. Secondly, rail conditions possess been downgraded to much then made the train ride extremely bumping. You suppose to spend about 9 hours on board. The ticket costs US$ 16 per person.
There are only two flights per week from Yangon to Mawlamyine. It takes just about 30 minutes and costs approx. US$60/person. The sole airline operating is burma Airway with ATR aircrafts.
Mawlamyine buses
ought to seen places
Kyaikthanlan Phayar (Pagoda) is the highest pagoda in burma at 150m to the sea level. The pagoda was built in 875 AD and calm offers great 360 views when footing at its top. Getting up to the pagoda can be done without much efforts for regular physical level.
Thanbyuzayat was the finish of the line for the infamous Burma-Siam railway linking Thailand with myanmar during the Japanese occupation in World War II. It was known as the Death Railway due to the tremendous prisoners of war, about 100.000 persons who died constructing the 415 km long line for the Japanese Imperial Army.
Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock)
This destination is very famous for both tourist and locals. The pagoda here is believed as the third important pagoda in burma, after Shwedagon in Yangon and Hama muni in Mandalay
Stay and Accommdation
There are several hotels in Mawlamyine from affordable guesthouse to hi-end one like The Mawlamyaing Strand Hotel that may facilitate you most of services. You may also take The Strand hotel as a center to easily figure out the ways around
Location: Strand Rd, Phat Tan Quarter, Mawlamyine.
Ph: 057-25624, 057-24787 / Fax: 057-25624
Email: info@mawlamyaingstrandhotel.com
Activities to do there
Most of visiting place in Mawlamyine could be accessed by foot, bikes or even motorbiking. (Please note the dirty motorbikes are rather unlikely and pricey in burma, SEA WANDER is going to use semi-scooter for our moto biking tours)
For someone loves more aventurous, motor biking from Mawlamyine to Hpa An or vice versa – about 60km/way – is definitely interesting.
Money and Mobile phone usages
There are ATMs at Mawlamyine Strand hotel and it costs you 5000kyat for each withdrawal. You can exchange money into Kyats at counters of the Asia Green Development Bank (US$ 01 ~ Kyat 990)
Again, please note that your US$ notes ought to be pristine, unfolded, unmarked. Series from 2003 are preferred and will get higher exchange rates.
The price of mobile SIM cards inclue come down significantly in burma, thus making mobile phone access much more affordable to the general population. The main government supplier is MPT, myanmar Postal and Telecommunications whose mobile network is the most extensive to date with access in most major and some rural towns. Cost of an MPT SIM card is now a criterion 30,000 kyats. Top-up cards be able to also be purchased from 5,000 to 10,000 kyats and higher.

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Myanmar Train Information

Train go to in myanmar can be from adventurous to adrenaline pumping tour depending on your health conditions. In spite of the fact that this mode of transport is quiet not convenient for regular tourists, we give you some quick landscape so that you may make decisions on your possess.
Generally, travelling by train is one of the good way for budget or adventurous travelers. However, it should be considered twice previous taking a night train in burma. Long train on bumping street is typical experience for locals but not for many tourists.

myanmar Main Train Itineraries

So far, night train in myanmar should be taken is from large cities (Yangon – Mandalay and vice versa, Mandalay – Bagan and vice versa, Yangon – Bagan and vice versa). The reason is you may sleep in possible cabin with soft berth for over 10 hours long. For a trip up to 10 days, 1 overnight train is recommended for mostly wanted experiences.
The train from Yangon – Mandalay starts at 06.00am, 15.00 and 17.00 daily and for 13 hours.
The train from Yangon – Bagan starts at 16.00 daily and for 17 hours.
The train from Yangon – Kalaw starts at 17.00 daily and for 18 hours (transit train in Thazi connection at around 05.00
The train from Yangon – Heho starts at 16.00 daily and for 21 hours (transit train in Thazi connection at around 05.00)

Train go to Notices

There will have food delivery service, the meals run from $5 - $8. It is advised to prepare sandwich in case you do not want to buy food on train.
During the travelling, the train will stop 4 – 5 times for picking- up guests. Some stop-over will not inclue lights, people will speak loud and look at foreigners with large eyes. However, the Burmese are very friendly and they do want to share their experiences to you.
The soft - berth cabin is for 4 passengers, has fan to harmonize the air (no air-condition up to August 2014), open sheet window both side (left and right), a light and a small table.
It is easiest to adventure the Yangon Central Railway Station at Mingala Taungnyunt 11222, Yangon, Yangon Division, myanmar – 2 minutes’ walk from Thamada Hotel in Yangon.
One very great point is the high responsible officials. If the guests are foreigners, they will pick you up from the station and performance you the way to travel your cabin. They will check the ticket 3 times, first time (1st) is when you enter the gate, 2nd time after you get acquainted with your cabin and 3rd time when you reach your destination. Occasionally, they will check on your cabin every time the train stops to be sure your proper sleep and safety.
For burma daylight train, Yangon Circle train and Mandalay – PynOoLwin is easy to try with fantastic experience of interacting with local Burmese.
More about myanmar adventure guide and tips, contact to our get to expert or click here.

Refer from our own experts’ experience and http://www.seat61.com/Burma.htm#.VHQr6dKUc4E

Mother Rivers of burma

burma is a country magnificent of rivers and delta regions. There are four foremost rivers crossing the country, comprising Irrawaddy, Thanlwin, Sittaung and Chindwin river.

1. Burma river: Irrawaddy

Aka Ayeyarwaddy, it’s Myanmar's largest river (2,170km long) and most important waterway. Its drainage basin of about 413,710 square km covers a significant part of the country. Prior railway and automobiles, the Irrawaddy was known as “Road to Mandalay”. In fact, it plays a vital role in trade, transport and irrigation of burma.

start from Kachin state at the influence of the Nmai Hka and Mali Hka rivers, the Irrawaddy runs through the center of myanmar, dissects the country from north to south, then empties via the nine armed Irrawaddy delta into Adaman Sea (Indian Ocean). Both the branches earn their sources in the Himalayan glaciers. The eastern Nmai arises in the Languela glacier, north of Putao.

The Irrawaddy is full of sandbanks and islands, makes navigation on it fastidious. However, it’s quiet the significant waterway for large vessels moving 1,600km from the ocean to Myikyina. For a long time, Inwa bridge is the sole bridge spanning over the Irrawaddy; but now, there are two.

The Irrawaddy gives its names to a dolphin, Irrawaddy dolphin (Orcaella brevistosus), and a shark, Irrawaddy River sharks, which are endangered species found it. Actually Irrawaddy dolphin isn’t a fresh water dolphin totally, as it is discovered at sea as well.

Irrawaddy cruise is one of must-do trip in myanmar, especially the stretch between Mandalay and Bagan, the section glamorous in cultural treasures and including several former imperial capitals. The best time to bring this cruise is October-March, when river levels and the humidity are lower.

Irrawaddy river, the section of Mingun

2. Burma river: Thanlwin (Salween)

The Thanlwin river, so-called Salween as its former name, is 2815km long. It rises in Tibetan Plateau at 5,450m, flows through Yunnan, then leaves China, meanders through burma and Thailand, and lastly empties into the Andaman Sea. Steep canyon walls line this swift, powerful river. It is only navigable up to 90 km from the mouth, and only in the rainy season.

Salween river runs parallel to the mighty Mekong river for much of its course and forms part of the border between burma and Thailand. Its extensive drainage basin supports a biodiversity comparable with the Mekong. The river is home to over 7,000 species of plants and 80 rare or threatened animals and fish, and owns the world’s greatest diversity of turtles including the Giant Asian Pond Terrapin and big Headed Turtle. The people who reside along the Salween’s riverside are relatively isolated from the sleep of the world.

The Salween is one of longest undammed river in the world. However, myanmar is planning to build TaSang Dam and several others on it.

Thanlwin river - the section of Mawlamyine

3.Myanmar river: Sittaung

Lying in east-central myanmar, Sittaung river originate northeast of Yamethin town on the edge of the Shan plateau, flows south for 420km before emptying Gulf of Martaban of the Andaman Sea.

The extensive Sittaung River valley is settled between the forested Bago Mountains on the west and the steep Shan Plateau on the east. It holds the principal roads and railways from Yangon (Rangoon) to Mandalay as well as the major towns of Bago, Taungoo, Yamethin, and Pyinmana.

Though running through captivating flat areas, the Sittaung has a notorious tidal bore at its mouth which has precluded any but very small crafts navigating on it. The river is navigable for 40 km year-round and 90 km during three months of the year. Strong currents make it less valuable for transport in eastern burma. Its basin also does not contain the identical richness for agriculture as the Irrawaddy because there is no soil flowing down from the Shan Hills.

The Sittaung is used to float timber, particularly teak, southward for export. Its lower part is linked by a canal to the Bago river. This canal was constructed to bypass the tidal bore that afflicted the mouth of the Sittaung. It once provided the only route from Yangon to Taungoo.

Sittaung river

4. Burma river: Chindwin

The Chindwin river is the biggest tributary of the Irrawaddy. Deriving from the vast Hukawng valley of Kachin state, it flows 840km inside myanmar completely from north to south, before joining the grand Irrawaddy. The river proudly runs through misty, lush mountains and fascinating towns and villages, a region of abundant natural resources and fertile meadows.

The Chinwin Valley, where Chindwin’s courses run over, is dominated by dense forests and lofty mountains too. Thanks to the difficulty of access, much of it remains untouched. The natives has an unspoiled culture, with the towns and villages spread along the river bank beside marvelous pagodas such as Thanboddhay pagoda of Monywa, and the cave pagodas of Hpowintaung and Shwebataung.

Chindwin cruise is one of amazing trips in myanmar river. This trip could depart from Hkamti to Monywa (but permission to enter Hkamti is needed), or shorter from Homalin to Monywa. The best time if after the monsoon season.


* The Map of Myanmar's Rivers


* Myanmar's rivers and their numbers

RiverLength(km)Drainage area (km2)OutflowCountries in the drainage basinmyanmar state in the drainage basin
Irrawady2,170413,710Andaman SeamyanmarKachin, Mandalay
Thanlwin2,815324,000Andaman SeaChina, myanmar, ThailandMon state
Sittaung420NAAndaman SeaburmaBago state
Chindwin1,207114,000Irrawaddy RivermyanmarKachin state
Mekong4,350795,00South China SeaChina, myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, VietnamShan state

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Hidden Gem of burma Trekking - Loikaw

Loikaw is the capital of Kayah State in myanmar (Burma) - the home of many tribes of which Padaung is very known for one with "long necks" women.

Loikaw Trekking

Loikaw is located in Karen Hill area, close to the State’s northern tip, just above an embayment on the Pilu river. Just by a short flight from Yangon, you can reach to a very traditional Loikaw, which is one of the best places in Southeast Asia for a landscape of authentic tribal life. Another way to reach Loikaw is that you can boat from Inle lake - where you can observe “one leg rowing fishermen” - to Phekhkone lake, go to Sagar village on the way then drive to Loikaw. Or you drive from Kalaw/ Heho to Loikaw and you be able to relax spectacular view along the way.
Loikaw has three main tribes: Kayan, Kayah and Kayaw, especially among them, Kayan (or Padaung) women are well-known for wearing neck rings, which lengthen their neck.
To uncover Loikaw, you can take a classic tours to some particular locations or a trekking tours to distant areas.
In a burma Classic tour:
With this tours, you be able to travel renowned places inside and around Loikaw city. You be able to visit Thiri Mingala Taungkwe Pagoda, the Buddhism sputa. It is located in the middle of Loikaw, which towers over the city. Being constructed in 11th century, this pagoda situated in two hillocks. Between two hills is a bridge which connects them. You may watch desolately at the pilgrims and enjoy the brilliant sight from the top, especially at sunset.
Other place you be able to get to is Shan chieftain, Haw of Loikaw. This palace used as a Buddhist monastery.
If you do not contain a chance to travel tribe villages, you be able to bring an excursion to the Kayah State museum, which displays the traditional life styles of Kayah national races.
Besides, local markets like Demawso are also the good places where you can find Padaung tribe ladies with their truly long necks. These unique women are on the brink of extinction because of modern life, which made Padaung women do not want to keep their neck lengthening custom.
If possible, you could discover Kyet limestone cave, which is 15 km outside of Loikaw.
Loi Kaw Myanmar

To make it an adventure tour:
By trekking through remote villages, you can realize the true life of local inhabitants, but this depends on regulation of authorities and sometimes it may be not permitted.
attraction of Loi Kaw adventure tours is Padaung race, especially Padaung women with their extremely long necks. Tribes in Loikaw also dress colorful costumes. In the villages, you can get insight traditional living ways, unspoiled cultures and also how the villages deal with the taking ways of the military, who bring their food without payment. Travelers could find out Kayah traditional weaving industry and marvelous ritual flagstaffs of Nat (spirit) worshipers. Trekking trails also pass through fields. A long with paddy, the main crop of Kayah State are beans, pulses, maizes, sunflowers, cotton and vegetables are cultivated as well. Guides also lead you to trek through hills and thick jungle.
You could also be overnight at homestay. At these nights, you will obtain abnormal feelings with noisy barks of dog at shadows or distant howls from across town, which you could not discover in a state of the art city.
Spirited poles are the special point of Loikaw. You may found them in nearly villages around Loikaw. They are worshipped once a year, around April.
loi kaw myanmar

List of burma Domestic Airlines

myanmar has several domestic airlines, usually, fly the same route and time. Most of them are small carriers, established recent decades or even recent years, and contain a small fleet of a few aircraft (usually about 2 to 5). They are really comparable in cost, equipment, quality, service, food, and scheduling.


Flying within burma is an interesting experience, itself. You can enjoy free seat flights and "bus-stop style" at midways to collecting more passengers.You be able to refer detailed guide to air visit in myanmar here. Despite this fact, myanmar owns tremendous domestic airlines and most of them now possess used eticketing issuing system.
Here are several following airlines for our choice:
  • Air Mandalay – (Safety, Reliability & Comfort) – It is the first myanmar domestic airline, founded in 1994. They fly to 11 destinations with a tiny fleet of three. No incident to date.
  • Air Bagan - (The Treasure of Myanmar) – The airline was founded in 2004. They own a somewhat reputation, with a fleet of 5 aircraft and fly to 20 destinations comprising some international ones.
  • Air KBZ - (Flying beyond expectation) – KBZ stands for Kanbawza Bank, one of the largest banks in the country. It is a new airline, which established in 2011. They fly to 15 domestic destinations with a tiny fleet of three. Especially, they sell E-TICKET, accept VISA and MASTERCARD (many companies in myanmar do not accept any card). Services are quite great.
  • Mann Yadanapon Airlines - started their operation in 2014 with 2 ATR aircrafts. The airline also offers charter services. The services are kind-hearted.
  • Yangon Airways (You’re safe with us) – maybe this motto does not fit in with the painted layer outside their planes. The airline founded in 1996, flies to 11 destinations with a small fleet of three. It is with the US Department of Treasury’s SDN list
  • Asian Wings Airways (Fly beyond your dream) – They inclue 22 domestic destinations with a fleet of three planes, but new and decent. They contain no incident. In 2013, Air Nippon (a Japanese airline) has invested in this brand. This is expected to improve the service and maintenance. They also possess a reward club.
  • burma Airways – They do not have a motto. Being established in 1948, it was formerly known as burma Airways. They are fairly big with a fleet of twelve planes, including 7 genres of aircraft. They inclue several incidents recently, but no fatalities.
  • burma Airways International (MAI) - is the state-owned enterprise related to flying international routes.

Myanmar Domestic FlightsMyanmar Domestic flights
Myanmar Domestic Flights Myanmar Domestic Flights


Most domestic airports are relatively small (except Yangon International Airport), but some contain kind cafés with great coffee and decent pastries so you can rest and relax here prior boarding. Domestic airports also own some souvenir shops and money changers.
Some airports have X-ray scanners, others do not. There is free wifi, but it is really erratic.
There are three international air terminals in Myanmar: Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Py Taw of which Yangon is the most popular one and recieves most of international flights coming and leaving burma.


The cabin overhead is smaller than usual, so your regular-sized trolley will not fit up.
Some airlines will server passengers with in-flight magazine, delicious fruit, yummy (pizza candy) or pastry but some do not.
SEA WANDER often uses:
Air KBZ as our original choice of ticket bookings because they have a believable flight schedule and amazing services. Our following options are Yangon Airways and Mann Yadanapon Airlines, that one has very amazing experience from their long standing history and one is new and fresh in the market.

Sea Wander Customer Feedbacks

Great service does not just happen. It requires a spirited attitude and desire to exceed customer expectations. We welcome your honest evaluation of our service. Below is real feedback from our real customers. We do not hide anything - they are all origin copies from our customer's emails or feedback form! You comment - We listen and innovate day by day.

Since 2016, we decided to use TrustPilot and Tripadvisor for more convenient and neutral review page. Please read our latest review on TrustPilot page here or Tripadvisor page here. We don't publish our customers' contact information as in our Privacy Policy. We believe that you may want to refer from their experiences with us and we are confident to do so. Please send us a request, we will ask their permission then pass you through. We do apology for inconvenience but we respect their privacy as much as yours.

Perfectly organized trip in Myanmar
After returning back of a 6- days- tour across Myanmar we are fully satisfied with the whole organisation of the trip. Ms. Ngan Do did a suberb job on choosing a very perfectly designed itinerary, the chosen guides(Ms May July, Mr. Thet Soe Linn and Mr. Kyaw Kyaw), drivers and hotels including the connecting flights -everything was worked out fine and all modules fitted completely together from the very first moment to the last day.
So the whole tour totally fulfilled our expectations and we can recommend S.E.A Wander to everybody planning an individually guided trip in future,
Thanks for many nice impressions and a great memory !

Mr. Armin Stillger

Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on Feb 2017

View more photos and programs of these customers here !

Great tour company.
I was really impress with how smoothly everything went. The choices of hotels were a nice complement to a great itinerary. Kudos to your entire staff. I like to sincerely thanks everybody involved . Best of luck from a happy customer .F.D.Perez.

Frank Perez
Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on Dec 2016

View more photos and programs of these customers here !

Great 4 weeks trip
We are a couple at the the age of 60 + that traveled for 4 weeks in Myanmar at december 2016 with SEA WANDER. Starting from the plan that the company made with us, patiently and with quick answers - through the trip :all run fluently.
the guides were good and full of knowledge, and the drivers polite and profesionals. We traveled by planes, boats ,cars and horses and made a 3 days trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake -that was great.

Yosi Evyatar
Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on Nov 2016

View more photos and programs of these customers here !

Magnificent Myanmar!
I am a tourism teacher living in Brisbane, Australia and my husband and myself are both avid travellers. After searching the internet for hours, I came across SEA WANDER Travel. I was so glad that I did! From my very first email to finishing the tour mid January 2017, our experience with this Hanoi-based company has been nothing else than superb. Ngan has been excellent. - Even ringing me to confirm receipt of emails! We chose what we believe were the highlights of Myanmar - Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Heho (Inle Lake), Ngapali Beach, Yangon - 12 days - flying between the cities and staying in 3 star hotels using the services of private guides and drivers. Everything about the tour was first class - email contacts, deposit and final payments, hotels, guides, drivers, vehicles, restaurants chosen for meals, airline tickets, airport transfers, tours and admission fees - everything was included in the price (we did tip the guides and drivers which were not expected but warmly received). Best of all, I believe that SEA WANDER Travel's prices are extremely competitive and compared to other companies, I believe their prices are the best! I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone who is looking at travel in not just Myanmar, but also to other destinations in Asia.

Jennifer Mary Seaton
Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on Dec 2016
Contact to Hoang Ngan (Ms) now

View more photos and programs of these customers here !

Street Food Cooking Tour
Four of us recently finished an amazing holiday in Myanmar which was organised through SEA WANDER, where we dealt with Ms Ngan Do. Throughout the planning stage, Ngan Do was exceptionally prompt, polite, and flexible. She was very helpful in answering all my questions, and happily and immediately changed the itinerary to accommodate our interests. The tour itself went off without a hitch. All meetings and transfers worked flawlessly, and all the guides and drivers were top notch. All the guides knew their territories inside out, and communicated very well. A few times we requested to vary from the itinerary and the guides were happy to oblige and gave excellent advice on how we could get the most out of experience. We went to Yangon, Bagan, Pindaya, and Lake Inle, and enjoyed every destination immensely. We caught a train from Yangon to Bagan, which was a bit of a mission (19 hours!) but one we all agreed was one of the most memorable experiences we had, and the boat from Bagan to Mandalay, which we would all recommend highly as well. Overall, a fabulous holiday which I have been busily recommending to anyone who will listen.

Craig Bowra
Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on Dec 2016
Contact to Hoang Ngan (Ms) now

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Tailor Made Myanmar Tour
The arrangements were well made with the guides meeting us the airports and taking us around in a private vehicle. The guides spoke good english and in most instances were very knowledgeable. We had plenty of time see all the places. It will have been helpful if the guides at each location gave us a brief of all the places of interest and possible given us a choice of what we would have liked to see but this was not a big issue.
The hotels were good and the food was good as well.
We thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

Subramaniam Jeganmohan
Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on Nov 2016

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Myanmar/Burma by a mix of transportation methods
All in all, this was an amazing trip where the planning was very good and the guides were knowledgeable of the areas in Myanmar we visited. The lodging was a mix of average at best to really great 5 star lodging. The trip was physical, lots of hiking, trekking, walking but that is what we wanted and we loved Myanmar. We traveled on the train from Yangon to Mandalay which was a once in a lifetime experience.

Franklin Corbin
Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on Oct 2016
Contact to Hoang Ngan (Ms) now

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From Laos to Myanmar via road and river
We used S.E.A Wander for our summer trip in Laos, north Thai and Myanmar. It was quite a complex trip because from Vientiane in Laos to Tachileick in Myanmar it was via land (road and Mekong) and not at all a standard one! Hindochina organized everything very well and we really enjoyed the holiday. Some guide were excellent, some just average, but overall I would recommend S.E.A Wander

Francesco Leoncini
LAOS – THAILAND - MYANMAR TOUR - Traveled on Aug 2016

View more photos and programs of these customers here !

Delivered as promised.
The HIT team starting with Ms Ngan Do and all of our guides in our myanmar trip were truly great. The vehicles and arrangements were fine and we would definitely use their services again for other indo China tours. Highly recommended.

Varun Naidu
Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on Sep 2016
Contact to Hoang Ngan (Ms) now

View more photos and programs of these customers here !


We just returned to Seoul from a very splendid eight days in Myanmar. Thank you for all your hard work in making this a most memorable occasion.
Every aspect of the arrangements was perfect.
All three tour guides did an excellent job - but the gentleman from Mandalay was a real standout. Please convey our compliments to him.
Under separate cover, I am sending some photos of the tour guide and just a small glimpse of our time in Mandalay. I shot too many photographs. Would you kindly forward these photos to the tour guide with my thanks? Again, you did a wonderful job on our behalf.
Some day soon, I'd like to visit Bhutan. If you have any ideas for a tour, please let me know.
Best regards,
Michael Kennedy
Email: mickennedy@*********.com
Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on Nov 2016
Dear Mr Van Hoang,
First of all I want to thank you very much for my birthday dinner! I was stunned by it all, what a wonderful way to spend my evening.
I have email the manger in Bagan to thank him, for all the effort and coming out to the restaurant! So I hope he received the email.
Could I please get his address just so I can send a proper thank you note.
My tour guides have been fantastic and have made my trip memorable!
I would like to make special mention of Mr Saw Min Khing, he was a fantastic guide. It rain at lunch on the 1st day of the trek and it
was vert slippery and very hard to walk in the mud. Mr Saw was amazing in making sure I was ok and helped me when I needed it.
I feel if he hadn’t been my guided I may not have finished the first day of the trek. “ As I seen other guides just walking ahead leaving people
to sort out the best way to get throw the mud”
I would highly recommend your company to use Mr Saw as much as you can.
To me I should have been told a few things, like proper hiking shoes “ for the rain season” that the Markets would be closed in Yangon on the Monday and
also about the way the airport works in Yangon, as this was my first time flying internally and I was sent with a driver. Much to my shock that some took my bag
and pointed me to a counter, my concern for my bag unsure of what was happening. I spoke to other travellers that day and they also whited that their travel company
had informed them of what happens at the airport.
Hotels, well you know my feelings about that, specially when in quite a few emails I asked for better hotels saying I was happy to pay more money.
The Paradise Nyangshwe hotel, was the best by far, it just needs a pool to make a fantastic place to stay. I know in Kalaw this is about as good as it get for location and the hotel was great for 1 night, but no safe.
But Bagan there was better hotel just down the road. The Arthawka Hotel need to work on how clean the pool is, the pool had green mould growing on its tiles.
I am happy to recommend your tour to Myanmar to friends but recommend they pick the hotels they like to stay at.
Thanks again for providing great locations to visit and fantastic guides.
Kind Regards
Email: carolemcinerney@*********.com

Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on Sep 2016

Hi Mr. Van Hoang,
We enjoyed our trip a lot. The guide and driver were so nice and everything went smoothly. The hotel was nice and a lovely view. We especially liked the restaurant in Yangon for lunch that the driver suggested, the Paddomar I think. We liked getting outside of the city, but really enjoyed the things we did on Yangon. The guide suggested a pagoda on the river and the jetty and we liked it as well as the synagogue and museum.

Thank you for arranging at the last minute.

Martha and Mark Elovitz
Email: mmelovitz@****.com
Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on Nov 2015
Contact to Hoang now

Dear Ms. Anh,

Sorry for the delay, but I have been crazy busy since I returned from Myanmar.

I would like to let you know that everything went swiftly. All of our guides, without exception, were wonderful, and the drivers as well. Beautiful excursions. The itinerary gave us a great insight on the country and its varied culture. If there is anything specific you need me to comment on do not hesitate to let me know.

Once again thank you for everything!

Best regards,

Javier Bofarull

Javier Bofarull
Email: javierbofarull@****.com
Myanmar Customized tour Complete Package of Myanmar - Traveled on 06th Oct 2015

Contact to Ngoc Anh now

Hi Mr. Van Hoang,

I really missed to thank you during my busy schedule. My uncle told me that he really had a nice time with ur agency (trip organised and scheduled by you).
I am happy that he was able to enjoy his trip to the most.

Thank you so much and take care.

Gladstone Jeffery Thomas H
Email: g2gladstone@****.com

Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on Jul 2015
Contact to Hoang now


Dear Ms Hang

I also thank you for your service

Im very grateful that I found you when I tried to find agent whose handling Myanmar. Although im gambling with you coz I never heard bout your company before,but luckily all going well. I think all your service ok, if not, the leader will be text me

Thank you ms hang, your service is very good and professional.

Hope we could cooperate again next time

Gilda Hartono
Represented for 31 passengers from Indonesia

Email: gilda.hartono@****.co.id

Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on June 2015
Contact to Hang (Ms) now


Dear Ms Anh,

Thank you for your email and voucher! I am already looking at the other tours you have in other countries! I had a very pleasant trip, all thanks to you.

I have also written a review on Trip Adviser using the link as provided by you. Will be happy to help again should any potential customers be unsure.

Thank you! Will definitely get in touch again when I wish to plan another holiday!

Have a very lovely week ahead!

Best regards,

Email: kwoky07@****.com
Myanmar Customized tour Myanmar Lake and Beach - Traveled on 30th Apr 2015
Contact to Ngoc Anh (Ms) now

Dear friends SEA WANDER Company!
Sorry, we didn’t respond to you right after our tour to Myanmar: we were very busy in that time!
But anyway we must to write to you, because every day now we live under beautiful impression, which we have received during our trip in your country. And of course, we know for sure, that it because each member of your team contributed diligence, piece of heart to do each day of our visit in Myanmar pleasure, save, memorable and nice! And we deeply appreciate that.
We are traveling alot around the world, we were in many countries: by ship, different tours with big groups, small groups... And travel individually – that was not first experience in our life. But we understend, that this type of traveling – most reliable in all meaning!
We would like to say THANK to each person, who was working with our case!
First of all, Thanks to Travel Consultant of SEA WANDER Company - Van Hoang, who help us to prepare our trip going smoothly and organized. Everything during our trip was in time, convenient and pleasure!
And all team members, who participated in preparation our trip, have done very good job and great servise for us! That is very important for creating excellent great impression about nice and unic country – Myanmar!
Thanks ALL tour guides, who were with us during of our tour! ESPECIALLY: tour guide in Yangon – Han Tun Aung; guide in Mandalay (highly professional, very organize, very helpful and friendly person!) - Htet Htet Wai H Laing; guide in Inle Lake - Mu Tu. We are really become friends with them! ¬
And… Thanks to ALL drivers, who did their job perfectly! All of them great take care of us, and we were feeling not in the car, but in their hands! Especially Driver Naing OO from Yangon!
Again, dear friends, you did in our life beautiful 11 days enjoyment and big pleasure, and now Myanmar for us is very lovely country, and if our life will let us to visit your charming country again, we again would like to be with you, dear friends from SEA WANDER Company! And of course, in any moment, we’re going recommend that kind of trip to our friends.
Your travelers – couple from Miami, Florida: Leoneta Ru and Yan Mikhalkin
P.S. We would like to ask you re-send this letter to everyone who was with us and their companies: let they know how we appreciate everything they did for us! They are very wonderful people! Thanks!

Leoneta Ru and Yan Mikhalkin

Email: leoru3@***.com

Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on April 2015

Contact to Hoang now


Dear Ly
Happy New Year!
We have just returned from our trip to Myanmar and I thought you might be interested in some of our thoughts about the trip.
First, and most important, everything went exactly as planned and we are very grateful for your help and the help of all your partners in Myanmar. Guides and drivers were always there to meet us as planned, hotels were always as indicated and there were no surprises at all. Importantly, each guide was an expert in his or her area and each felt comfortable in suggesting changes and additions to our programme and we believe that this local expertise greatly enhanced the pleasure of our trip. By the way, we particularly appreciated your calls during our trip to make sure that everything was going well.
Now some specific thoughts:
Yangon: the East Hotel (HIT Myanmar's note: see change in 2015). Good location near the centre, the market, restaurants. Staff was pleasant. Breakfast OK though limited. The only criticism is that the lighting in the bedroom was very poor – it was difficult to read. As usual in Myanmar, internet access was not very good and worked only in the lobby.

Bagan. The Bagan Thande hotel is gorgeous particularly its lovely dining terrace overlooking the river. The pool was beautiful and delightful. Breakfast was large and varied. Dinner was excellent on the lovely terrace and the hotel is near other restaurants which gave us some variety during our 3-night stay. I think this hotel deserves more than 3 stars.
Monywa. The Win Unity hotel was very pleasant also with a lovely pool. The dining room was not as interesting as the Bagan Thande but perfectly correct. There is a pleasant restaurant across the street although we did not use it. The room was nice, but again not up to the standards of the Bagan Thande
Mandalay. The Mandalay City Hotel. This is an amazing oasis of calm in the middle of a chaotic city – it was hard to believe we were actually in the middle of the city. Well located, many restaurants and the night market nearby. Staff very good. Nice pool.
Kyaing Tong. Princess Hotel. There are very few hotels in the centre of Kyaing Tong and this is said to be the best (though a large new one may be better – and probably a lot more expensive). No restaurant except for breakfast but two good restaurants within easy walking distance. Close to the market and all the sites of the city itself. Oddly enough, the internet connection was among the best of the whole trip.
Pindaya. Pindaya Inle Inn. Very attracrtive “bungalow” style hotel set in attractive gardens and with a lovely dining room – probably the prettiest dining room of the whole trip. Good dinner and breakfast. Only negative comment is that it is rather isolated from the town and the Pindaya caves but for one night it was perfect.
Inle Lake: Amata Garden Resort. This was by far the biggest disappointment of the trip. Very modern, everything functioned perfectly, friendly staff, large breakfast. However, the hotel is completely out of place – our guide said it looked like a hospital; we thought it was like any airport hotel from Hong Kong to Frankfurt to Chicago. In an area that is beautiful and charming, this hotel is ridiculous. It is also totally isolated with nothing nearby. Therefore we were forced to eat dinner 3 nights in a row in the hotel restaurant which was more than twice as expensive as any other restaurant on the entire trip. The restaurant is also enormous, not very attractive and noisy – particularly since the hotel seems to cater to large groups. We would suggest that you find another hotel at Inle Lake – there are many others that have much more charm, are better located and are less expensive.
Mrauk U. Shwe Thazin hotel. Very few tourists visit Maruk U (which is too bad since it is very interesting) so there are few hotels. This one is pleasant thought not up to the standards of the Bagan Thande; the restaurant is average – the room itself is quite boring but the food is perfectly OK. Staff perhaps a bit less friendly than in other places, but that is at least in part because they speak very little English.
Ngapali Beach. Pleasant View Resort. Very attractive, small buildings built in a lovely garden on the beach. Very pleasant and helpful staff. Two restaurants – one, on an island off the beach – is probably the most beautiful setting on all of Ngapali Beach (though access to it at high tide is complicated – either need to wade through knee-deep water or take a somewhat unstable raft to it.) Very close to many other restaurants. This was one of the best hotels we stayed at.
Yangon airport. Myanmar Life Hotel. This was probably the worst hotel of the trip though it is possible that more modern parts of the hotel are better. Restaurant very boring and noisy. Room smelly and bathroom in poor condition – no hot water in the basin; shower only barely functional. We would suggest you find another airport hotel, particularly for those who have early morning flights.
All of the guides were very friendly and knowledgeable about their particular areas – we really like to use local guides for exactly that reason: they tend to know the details of their areas better than guides who travel all over the country. The only significant difference among them was their command of English. All SPOKE good English but several clearly had trouble understanding and, therefore, responding to questions. All were always right on time and all were very good at suggesting changes to the programme that made our visits more interesting and informative. The best were in Bagan, Mandalay, Kyaing Tong and Maruk U.
Again, I want to thank you for your excellent organisation and for the fact that all the details of the trip were exactly as planned. If you want to use any of our comments for marketing purposes, please feel free to do so, but we would prefer that our names NOT be used. Also if there is an internet site where you would like us to comment on our trip we would be happy to do so.
With kind regards,
PS I assume that since your agency is in Hanoi you are experts on Vietnam also. We have been in Vietnam in the past and would like to return in the next 2-3 years – particularly to the northern highlands (which we have visited) and the Mekong delta (which we have not visited). If there is a person we should contact for such a trip we would be happy to have his or her name. Thanks!

Name & Email: Not published as customer's request

Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on Feb 2015

Contact to Ly Nguyen (Ms) now


Dear Hoang Ngan
I am wondering if you have any special feedback arrangements about our holiday. We would be happy to complete something as we were delighted with everything.
Our guides were excellent, hotels were better than expected and very comfortable. We especially loved the heated pool at Kalaw, the Inle Lake Resort and Thandwe beach hotels. Everybody turned up for us when we arrived at airports and we were just totally impressed that there were no setbacks. The itinerary that you helped us decide on was excellent as all the temples were different and going round the villages with a guide who knows the families made it so interesting.
The elephant retirement home was wonderful - set in such a beautiful valley and run by such caring, lovely people.
Our one negative comment is that at the Royal Park View Hotel in Pyin-Oo- Lwin we were put in one of the old rooms which was ok but looked as if it had not been decorated for 20 years and the bathroom had dirty walls and was very basic. I think you need to put people in the new block.
I am wondering if your company does similar trips to China as we are interested in going there next year. I am a little unclear about which part of the company does what as we were met with 'one stop' agents, Indo China agents etc so it was a bit confusing.
Thank you for organising such a first class trip! We thoroughly enjoyed every minute
Yours sincerely

Sue Wyld

Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on Feb 2015

Contact to Hoang Ngan (Ms) now


Hello Van Hoang,
Nice to hear from you.
Yes, we are home now. After we left Myanmar we went to Thailand and stayed there the rest of the month, returning to the U.S. A. On 01 March.
I had just written myself a note this morning to write you, then found this email.
I do have some thoughts about the tour. Overall, we enjoyed ourselves immensely and it was lots of fun.
As regards the East Hotel in Yangon, rooms that are on floors lower than 5 have no windows, thus no light. There was a window, but the wall of the building next door was about 14" (30 cm) away, so effectively there was no real window. Thus it was a bit like being in a cave. When we returned to Yangon at trip's end, I prevailed upon them to give a room with a window, as they were ready to assign us back to those same rooms we had earlier. (HIT Myanmar's note: see change in 2015)
My suggestion to you would be to stipulate to the East Hotel that your clients need to be assigned rooms on the fifth floor or higher. Those rooms are above the adjacent buildings so have both light and some kind of view, which your future clients will appreciate.
While we certainly enjoyed the Yadnarapon Dynasty Hotel (it was probably the nicest we stayed in while in Myanmar) in Mandalay, overall Mandalay was a bit of a disappointment. In fact, were I to do this trip now I would simply cut out Mandalay entirely and split those two days between Bagan and Inle Lake - or perhaps even add them both to Inle Lake, which, while being the location where we had the least amount of alloted time, was very interesting and there seemed to be a lot more around there which one could have done with some extra time.
Our boat broke down the last morning at Inle Lake as we were headed back to Nuang Shwe for lunch, a vineyard visit and the airport. The propeller broke or something. But our guide handled things well, called for another boat and it appeared, to rescue us, relatively quickly. However, we did lose some time with this affair, and elected not to visit the vineyard, so that we could have a leisurely lunch and not be rushed, before moving on the the airport.
The Thazin Garden Hotel in Bagan was very nice and the staff excellent and attentive. A good choice.
And we enjoyed our cottages on stilts at the Paramount Lodge in Inle Lake. Very picturesque.
The market tour and cooking lesson you arranged at the Monsoon restaurant, our last morning in Yangon, was lots of fun. You might want to think about incorporating that in your Myanmar tour or at least offering it as a nice option for those interested in that sort of thing. David, the Monsoon manager, was very pleasant and probably spoke the best English of anyone we encountered.
I think we had a different set of guides from the list provided. Our guide in Yangon was indeed Kay. After that none of the names seemed to match - probably not that it mattered.
So there are a few thoughts.
Hope all is well with you there in Vietnam.

Conley and Elizabeth

Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on Feb 2015

Contact to Van Hoang (Mr) now


East Hotel in Yangon has no water. (HIT Myanmar's note: see change in 2015)
Rocky from Mrauk U is very very good! All the guides have good command of English. All arrangement have been prompt.
Overall comment by David: Excellent
Overall comment by Katherine: Good
Copy from our Feedback Form filled by David Chan and Katherine Wong

Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on Nov 2014


Good value for money. Guides were very knowledgeable and helpful.
Overall comment: Excellent
Hotel rate: Good
Copy from our Feedback Form filled by Catherine Whitfield

Myanmar Discovery tour - Traveled on Nov 2014


Great trip! Thank you!
Guides and drivers were all fantastic! Good special moments thoughout the trip due to their experiences and local connections.

Overall comment: Excellent
Copy from our Feedback Form filled by Meg Johnson

Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on Nov 2014


Hi Van Hoang,
We have arrived home safely and have just written up some feedback for yourself and your company. Please let me know if you want any further detail into any of the positives or concerns listed below and we'll be happy to provide them.
Many thanks,
Overall Impression:
Both Innu and I were extremely impressed with the quality of service we were provided on this holiday, both in terms of organisation of all tickets and flights as well as the knowledge of the drivers and guides. We thought it ran very smoothly other than the blip at the start, and the generosity of your company in providing us with a free meal, money back for the taxi and a present at the end of the holiday was a lovely touch.
Yangon Arrival
Guide: After a 14 hour flight to Yangon we were greeted with a guide who was extremely talkative and friendly. We got driven straight to dinner where we would have preferred to have been taken back to the hotel for some rest, or at least to be able to refresh ourselves, as we were extremely tired and had an early start the next day. It has been well documented that he failed to turn up to take us to the airport the next morning so I'll not write more here.
We did not like the food at the restaurant we were taken to and there were not many vegetarian options available, we would not recommend this restaurant.
Driver: Fine
Hotel: Not good. East Hotel had a bad room, with no door between the toilet and the bedroom, also the shower was actually in the bedroom itself. We would not want to stay in a hotel like this again and would advise your future customers away from this one. (HIT Myanmar's note: see change in 2015)
Guide: Our guide for Bagan was extremely knowledgeable and a really nice man. He made us feel comfortable straight away and was very good to talk to. He took us around areas where there were no tourists that provided us with some amazing times and would adapt and add to the itinerary according to our likes i.e. Seeing less touristy areas, taking into account taking pictures etc. We think this is highly valuable in a guide.
Driver: Fantastic. On the last evening he took us out to some temples without the guide and waited for us for a long time as we were watching the sunset. Very friendly, opened and closed the car doors every time we were even approaching the car, can't say highly enough about him
Hotel: Amazing Bagan was a good resort, it had a nice big room and the food in the restaurant was nice.
Inle Lake
Guide: Once again the guide was very knowledgeable being a local Inle Lake man. I wouldnt say he was as approachable as the Bagan guide, and generally didn't seem as happy or that enthusiastic. On the night we were staying in Kalaw there was a once a year festival on which the guide attended however he did not let us know it was on and we missed out. He only informed us of it the next day, we were not too impressed about that! We did not expect him to take us but we would have liked to have been told about it so we could see it for ourselves rather than miss this great opportunity. There was also a big parade in Kalaw on the day of our trek so we completely missed this. It would have been good for this to be taken into consideration so that the itinerary could have been adapted accordingly as this would have been very good to see.
As we specifically requested a trip to the Winery we were very disappointed to only have 45 minutes here as this was something we were really looking forward to and wanted to relax and enjoy it at leisure.
Driver: Good driver again, although he seemed extremely slow
Hotel: Pinehill Resort in Kalaw was ok, the rooms were a little run down but it was very beautiful. Floating Resort in Inle Lake was very nice other than the restaurant which we thought let it down. As there is no way to eat anywhere else out on the lake we were forced to go to the same restaurant every night and we were ill from the food here on a few occasions. They did not have good vegetarian options and quite often didn't have many items on the menu available, limiting the options even more. For future customers it may be a good idea to offer them an option of staying here or at a hotel in the town as it was frustrating not being able to see anything or go anywhere once the guide/boat had dropped us off.
Ngapali Beach
Guide: NA
Driver: NA
Hotel: Amazing Ngapali was a really good resort, the room was lovely and the location was perfect. It was really nice to unwind and have some free time after the busy schedule of the previous week.
Yangon Departure
Guide: Very knowledgeable again however we missed the sunset on the Shwedagon Pagoda as he seemed to want to show us the city centre when the sun was going down. This was very disappointing as not only did we miss the sunset but we had to go back to Shwedagon after our short stop in the city centre which then made us get stuck in traffic for a very long time. He also sat with us on our last meal together on our holiday, I'd advise against guides eating a meal with the clients on their last night as it did not seem appropriate to me and we would have liked to enjoy our last meal of our holiday together ourselves.
Driver: A decent driver however he seemed to talk non stop and very loudly, was not ideal
Hotel: See comments on arrival for East Hotel, I would not recommend this hotel to anyone. The room we had on our last night was even worse than that on our first night.
William and Innu


Myanmar Customized tour - Traveled on Nov 2014

Contact to Van Hoang (Mr) now


Transportation Guide using for Myanmar Tours

SEA Wanders offers a wide variety of transportation for our customers, from car transportation to flight airway, from boat and ferry to train transfer. With our sense of selection, our customers will not only have the most comfortable feeling but also the best condition to enjoy your Myanmar (Burma) travel

For regular road transfer

We use the private car and private driver in anytime you travel by roadway. We will select different types of transfer to suit a range of group eg saloon for 2 customers, commuter (4 - 5 seats) for 3 customers, Toyota Hi-ace (9 seats) for 4 - 5 guests, Minivan (14 – 19 seats) for 7 – 10 guests, Mini coaches (22 seats) for a group of 10 – 15 guests and buses for group of over 20.
Our selected allocation ensures not only the comfort for your travel but enough space for the guide and your luggage. Road conditions in Myanmar is still under standard condition, but you will mostly travel on the paved road. That is the reason why we make our best efforts to make your Myanmar travel at ease and relax.
Even though the road condition is not good enough but the road width is rather considerable. Even in some trekking areas (for example: Loikaw and Kalaw), the largest type of car we provide is the 45 seat coaches so the large group can still enjoy trekking on the route.
Car for Myanmar Tours

Driver Skills picked by SEA WANDER Tours

Our professional drivers are all having their driver license and know-how attitude for travel industry serving. We all have short-training with the Car Company so that all drivers will show their friendly smile but formal service to all of the guests. One of the very good points is they know their way in – out of the city, without the help of GPS.
As a country once governed by the UK, English is the second language after Burmese. Most of our drivers can speak English. However, their local dialect is somehow quite strong. Rather different from some EU countries, drivers can give guiding services but the drivers in Myanmar and most of South East Asia countries cannot. We always manage a tour guide to support you not only in understanding matter but more enjoy the information at the visiting sites.
Burmese law regulates that the drivers must drive on the right hand-side while most of the cars have steering wheel to the right, too. That makes Myanmar traffic very interesting. (We found a very interesting post about this here)

For domestic flights and airlines

Myanmar has several airline carriers, including: Air Bagan, Air Mandalay, Air KBZ, Yangon Airways, Asian Wings, Mandalay Yadanapon, and Golden Myanmar. SEA WANDER uses Air Bagan as our priority for all domestic airline bookings (see airlines list here). The company run by a private owner and the planes are the newest so far. (Even Myanmar still use widely ATR and Fokker planes at the time of November 2014). The service is good and you will have a light meal if the flight is longer than 1 hour. One of the special points about Myanmar is that in case one airline has to cancel their flights, they will work with another carrier in order to allocate you with another similar flight time.
Up to now, most of the airlines apply e-ticket system already. Sometimes, you are still issued paper tickets then keep them very carefully (seriously!!!) Refer more about Myanmar domestic flights guide here!
Myanmar Airport
Departure Gate of Yangon International Airport

Flights for Myanmar Tours
Air Bagan aircraft at an airport

Boat and Ferry Service

For budget travelers or adventurous ones, we will strongly recommend traveling by boat and ferry where needed. The most popular route is from MandalayBagan and vice versa. There are a few companies, both government and private, offering ferry transfer service. After trying and really experiencing services, we decide to use Malikha River Cruise and Shwe Keinnery for their good service status. These two companies are run by the private organization, local owner.
ferry in Myanmar
Shwe Keinnery River Cruise
ferry in Myanmar 2
Malikha River Cruise
Overnight River Cruises
River cruises in Myanmar are available in Irrawaddy and Chindwin rivers. Operating a cruise on river cost lots of money and only big companies can afford. This results in the price for a Myanmar river cruise trips rather expensive. Our top choice is Road To Mandalay cruise (which organized by Belmond Group, their base is in Singapore) for short cruise trips normally from 4 – 6 days. For longer itinerary, we pick Pandaw and Paukan for their long-standing reputation.
myanmar river cruise
The Port in Bagan of Road to Mandalay cruise by Belmond

For Train Travel

We only offer train travel for real adventurous customers as this type of service requires a perfectly good health to prevent dizzy and faint while the train is moving. Our expert has experienced it and posted a guide here. Myanmar Government is the sole organization controlling the railway so the price is affordable for all Burmese. However, the rail bumping is a significant problem. You cannot expect to have sound sleep or read anything while onboard. The overnight train is no air condition, only the fan to harmonize the air and the door is locked by a hook that can loose easily when the coach bumps. Despite this fact, SEA WANDER tours still recommends short train such as Circle train in Yangon for an exotic experience. For those ones desperately want this adventure, we do organize bearable berth cabins for our customers. There are not many soft berth cabins and each cabin will be prepared with 4 berths.
Myanmar train travle
Read our post on accommodation selection
2017-2018 hotel updates for more comfort and affordable prices on Myanmar packages for our travelers. Name list of hotels ranging from 2 to 5-star hotels and help you to understand more the settings of travel industry in Myanmar.
For anything unclear or more detailed questions, please kindly drop us a message at info@seawander.asia or call 27/4 hotline: 84-90-224-3637