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Burma Country Quickview

Stretching from the gleaming islands of the Andaman Sea in the south right up into the Eastern Himalayan mountain range, burma (Burma) could offer all the natural wonders and traditional delights of Asia in one fascinating country.

where is Burma (or Burma)?

To this day burma (Burma), one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world, is stepping out of a cheered past into a new era of hope and optimism. A country – also known as burma – hold inside breathtaking beauty and charm only recently emerging into the up to date world. The location of burma at the crossroads of Asia’s amazing civilizations of India and China, looking out onto the vast bay of Bengal is a guarantee for such good beauty expect travelers.

So what be able to the casual visitor, therefore, expects upon arrival, and why should one embark on such a adventure in the first place? Burma (Burma), one of South East Asia’s largest and most diverse countries, stretches from the gleaming islands of the Andaman Sea in the south right up into the Eastern Himalayan mountain range. Burma be able to proffer all the natural wonders and traditional delights of Asia in one fascinating country. Virgin jungles, snow-capped mountains and pristine beaches, combined with a glorious and rich heritage spanning more than two thousand years.
Full name:Republic of the Union of burma
Capital city:Naypyidaw
Population:53.9 million
National language:Burmese
Time zone:(GMT+06:30) Yangon (Rangoon)
The country code:+95, and the internet access code is .mm.
Cell phone:GMS technology, SIM based.
International airports:Yangon and Mandalay.
Electricity:200 volts AC, 50Hz. Type C (European 2-pin), Type D (Old British 3-pin), Type F (German 2-pin, side clip earth), Type G (Irish/British 3-pin) more details
Business Hours:from 9am-5pm for own companies and 9:30-4:30 for government offices. Working days are from Monday through Friday.
Major Credit cards:Credit cards work fine in burma where accepted.
US$ note is quiescent very much preferable but should not be torn, ink-marked, folded and from 2003 series onwards.
National currency:Kyat (MMK). Exchange rate is about 1US$ = 1200MMK
Taxis:There are over 250 Buses lines running through Yangon everyday. For exclusive transport, there are car rental services.
Common local unit of weight:peiktha (viss), which equals to 3.6 pounds.
Most common unit of measure:feet and inches.
Religions:Buddhism; estimates range from 80% to 89%. Theravāda Buddhism is the most widespread. 7% Of the population identifies as Christian; 4% as Muslim; 1% follows traditional animistic beliefs
Major culture nominated:Buddhist and Bamar
Internet:Some calm use dial up, 3G available. The speed is relatively low.

Climate and weather:

burma has three main seasons, hot season, rainy season and cold season. Hot season is from March to can, rainy season is from June to October and cold season is from November to February. The tropical monsoon is usually cloudy, rainy, hot, humid summers and less cloudy, scant rainfall, mild temperatures, lower humidity during winter. (Read more: Best time to go to myanmar)
myanmar lies in the monsoon region of Asia, with its coastal regions receiving over 5,000 mm (196.9 in) of rain annually. Annual rainfall in the delta region is approximately 2,500 mm (98.4 in), while average annual rainfall in the Dry Zone in central myanmar is less than 1,000 mm (39.4 in). The Northern regions of burma are the coolest, with average temperatures of 21 °C (70 °F). Coastal and delta regions own an average maximum temperature of 32 °C (89.6 °F).

myanmar (Burma) People:

myanmar is made up of 135 national races, of which the main national races are Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Bamar, Mon, Rakhine and Shan. There are more than 100 ethnic groups in myanmar. Some of the Ethnic groups are listed as Akha, Palaung, Padaung, Naga, Taron, Eng and numerous more close to extinct tribes. The religions are Buddhist, Christian and Muslim. The major language is burma, but minority ethnic groups contain their possess languages. English is widely spoken and understood. (More on: myanmar or Burmese people)

Neighboring Countries

burma has numerous neighbouring countries, Bangladesh is located in the West, India in the Northwest, China in the Northeast, Laos and Thailand in the East.

Best places to travel:

  • Biggest cities Yangon and Mandalay; religious sites in Mon State, Pindaya, Bago and Hpa-An
  • Nature trails in Inle Lake, Kengtung, Putao, Pyin Oo Lwin;
  • ancient cities such as Bagan and Mrauk-U;
  • myanmar Beaches in Nabule, Ngapali, Ngwe-Saung, Mergui.

Emergency treatment and crime:

The medical and emergency treatment has been poor. The richs in burma often seek for hi-tech treatment in Singapore and Thailand. The crime targeted to foreign tourists in burma is raletively low despite the fact that myanmar is the second largest country of opium producer. The murder rate in myanmar mostly is related to communal violence and armed conflict, not to travelers.

Things to do and What to realize in burma (Burma)?

burma is a charming, captivating country home to a diverse array of ethnic groups and some unforgettable sites and landscapes. Its relatively undeveloped nature means venturing out to rural regions is a rewarding and fascinating way to gain greater insights into the country and its citizen.

burma is an ideal site for journey. Because wherever you go in myanmar, whether it be cruising down the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River in style, drifting over the antique city of Bagan by hot air balloon, or searching for that elusive tiger on the back of an elephant, there is always a feeling of exciting and challenging. The trek places stretch from mountain trekking and rafting in the far north to world class diving in the Mergui Archipelago. (view some tour here)

Infrastructure in myanmar (Burma) is quite undeveloped, so you may meet power cuts, uncomfortable street journeys or changes to your itinerary due to domestic schedules. Internet and wifi is not easily to access and sometimes result in charges in some hotels.

It is primary to 'keep face' in burma and remain patient and calm in your dealings with people. A stay in burma can be a magical experience, with warm, welcoming citizen, salient sights and a greater understanding of this compelling country.

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Burma is the site to go to in 2018

adventure to myanmar - ONE of the world's most mysterious destinations has finally opened doors to tourists, and they've responded in record numbers.

According to Myanmar’s tourism authority, there were 816,000 international arrivals in the final year - an increase of 30 per cent on figures from 2011. In the ultimate nine months of 2012, international arrivals doubled.
Flight Centre has listed burma as one of its top 10 countries to get to in 2013. A spokesperson said demand for journey to burma has been overwhelming.
But you better get in quick. This unspoilt land will only stay secret for so long.
“Myanmar , or myanmar remains one of the world’s most mysterious and untouched destinations. The country is now on people’s travel radars as a holiday place, following the encouraging actions of President Thein Sein, who has put the country on the path to democracy."
“Tour companies in Australia are reporting an overwhelming interest in go to to burma already, following the release of new adventure in the region, so predictions are that 2013 is going to be grand."
“Luxury hotels own started to pop up and remote areas are now accessible to travellers, however even the most populated burma calm feels authentic.”
One company offering tour to myanmar is Intrepid go to.
Global Managing Director James Thornton said the company has witnessed a significant rise in the number of citizen booking their myanmar adventure.
“There’s been an incredible response to Aung San Suu Kyi’s call for tourists to return to myanmar ,” Mr Thornton said.
“It’s a beautiful and fascinating country, reminiscent of what much of South East Asia was such as more than thirty years ago. The sense of excitement is palpable and the Burmese are overwhelmingly friendly and polite. Sacred sites rarely visited by Westerners and incredible architecture makes this a magical place.”
The two biggest highlights of burma according to Mr Thornton are Bagan - burma ’s crowning glory, comprised of more than 2000 brick and gold-gilded stupas – timeworn remnants of myanmar ’s ‘golden period’ and Shwedagon Paya, a dazzling pagoda in Yangon.
burma five best dec 1
Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, burma. Picture: Supplied Source: National Features
The county offers a mixed and colourful culture, with up to 135 different ethnicities. It’s location between India, China and Thailand makes it the perfect an add-on for those wanting to find out all of Indochina.
Singapore Airlines took over flights to burma from Silk Air final year. By doing so they increased the seat capacity by 55 per cent.
SIA Executive Vice President Commercial, Mr Mak Swee Wah said demand has been growing strongly for both business and leisure visit to myanmar .
intelligent traveller, the government’s visit tips website tranquil says tourists should exercise a high degree of caution when travelling in burma.
So is myanmar on your 2013 visit radar? Perhaps you should plan a trip before it gets too crowded.
How to get there:
Singapore Airlines, return airfares priced from $1322* per person twin share. Price is based on get to between April 25 and June 26, 2013.
Thai Airways, return airfares priced from $1047* per person twin share. Price is based on get to between be able to 6 and can 3, 2013.
Malaysian Airlines, return airfares priced from $1099* per person twin share. Price is based on visit between April 25 and June 26, 2013.
* Prices are subject to change and availability, book at
Once you inclue arrived:
Intrepid travel’s 15 day Best of myanmar tours $2675
"Travel to myanmar and uncover a country of mythical landscapes, old treasures and some of the friendliest folk you’ll ever meet. From golden-gilded Buddha’s in Yangon and the magical temples of Bagan to the tranquillity of Inle Lake, myanmar will excite, impress and intrigue you. A travel to burma is to experience the South-East Asia of twenty years ago, full of rarely seen sights and generations of stories just waiting to be told. Come and uncover a little bit of myanmar magic with us."

Payment Online When Booking burma journey

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Payment step by step
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HOW TO GET A noteworthy burma TOURS?

Known as the land of fanciful natural beauty and unique old culture, myanmar today has become one of the most favorite destinations of international tourists in Asia. Come to myanmar, you will own a splendid opportunity to enjoy the antique architecture nested in the mist at every dawn of Bagan, admire the magnificent Yangon or immerse yourself in the quiet beauty of the sunset on Inle Lake. If you are planning a trip to myanmar, this article is a useful guide showing you 4 favorite destinations which you should not miss for one of the most noteworthy burma tours.

Yangon – one of the most beautiful myanmar destinations

The first destination to go to in myanmar tour is definitely Yangon. Being the capital of myanmar and now the largest city here, Yangon attracts tourists with featured habit, featured culture and the beauty of a green city.

There are a lot of green trees on either side of the street, the park is filled with lush old trees and colorful flowers. Airplanes to burma will mostly land in Yangon. Besides, Yangon has a crowded downtown with antique buildings and attractive European architecture. Many monuments such as the post office, the people's committee, the church tranquil retain primary architecture with high ceiling, arched door, exterior carved….

In addition, the rushed downtown area here is very lively. Take a stroll along one street of Yangon - one of the most well known Myanmarese place, you also may experience the life of Myanmarese people, admire Myanmarese man and woman in their colorful traditional “longyi” and find out the beautiful culture here.

Come to Yangon, you will contain a splendid chance to go to one of the most important religious sites of Yangon as well as Myanmar’s Shwedagon Pagoda.
Visitors may even notice the glorious tower of Shwedagon Pagoda from tremendous locations in the city. The entire area of Pagoda has gold-framed Buddhist buildings with elaborate architecture, but the main tower remains the center of attention for all believers and visitors.


Shwedagon Pagoda is open from 4 AM - 10 PM every day. It's truly crowded with believers to worshipers as well as visitors. When you travel Shwedagon Pagoda, you must carry off your shoes, so carry comfortable shoes and put them in your backpack. Note that when visiting the pagoda at noon, the heat at this time will make the brick background extremely hot. You need to be careful when walking barefoot.

Another interesting experience that you should not miss in Yangon on your myanmar adventure is enjoying street food. The special taste and unique processing of street foods of Yangon cuisine always make the tourists surprise. Here are some distinctive dishes that you should enjoy: E Kya Kway, steamed yellow beans, Roti, Koh Pieh, Koh Puo, Samosa salad, Mont Lone Yay Paw...The feeling of enjoying delectable Yangon road food while chatting happily with friends among the busy atmosphere of Myanmar's summer night will be a really unforgetable experience.

Bagan – ideal site for perfect burma adventure

If your favorite is a unique culture, which is a mystical religious beliefs, Bagan be able to be the next ideal Myanmarese place for you. Almost 4,000 temples and pagodas which scattered across a vast plain of Bagan are the most appealing to visitors to burma. Each temple has its contain story associated with each dynasty or citizen at the time it was built. Here, there is no incense smoke, no noisy festival but only the pagodas, the top of the tower, the antique moss-covered brick wall by the side of the road.

Coming to Bagan in myanmar adventure, you may freely uncover this mysterious city with all kinds of vehicles such as walking, horse carts, bicycles, electric motorcycles, motorcycles, and taxis. In particular, the most special transportation which makes the difference of Bagan is hot air balloon. Hot air balloons are heated every day to prepare for visitors' adventure at any time of the day. If you travel around Bagan with a hot air balloon, you need to pay $400 for almost an hour of flying in the sky. Hot air balloon will help you relax all spectacular views in both antique and new Bagan as if two halves of the past and the future. This experience also let you admire the picturesque landscape of Bagan by a unique method.

With an extraordinary view of white cows, the longyi girls inviting tourists to buy a fresh flower worshipping Buddha and try the horse carriage, you could totally enjoy and enjoy a quiescent moment, hide far from rushed life. And you will hear your heart whisper prayers in this mysterious land.

Mandalay - the final royal capital of myanmar

Unlike crowded Yangon, silent Bagan, Mandalay has become one of the must-visit destinations in myanmar tours thanks to the old beauty of the antique buildings. As the final royal capital of myanmar, Mandalay also owns tremendous monuments, spacious pagodas with different architectural styles.


The first popular destination in Mandalay is probably the 1.2 km Ubein Bridge crossing a lake. This bridge is made entirely of solid wood. Come to Mandalay, you will also contain the occasion to admire the wonderful scenery of the sunset with the orange sun shining on the bridge. The sunrise in Mandalay is also splendid so do not miss it.

Leaving Ubein Bridge, you can travel the next famous site in Mandalay: Maha Muni Pagoda. Maha Muni is Mandalay's holiest pagoda, which is second only to Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon in terms of its popularity. It is truly spacious and pretty, with numerous doors and corridors leading into the main area. Coming here, you will be impressed with the large gold-plated Buddha statue and the 4-meter-high, which is especially in the area that only allows men to enter, all women can only see the statue from the outside. Get inside and you will feel the sacred atmosphere, as well as the cult of the people with their faith.

ultimate experience which you should not miss in Mandalay for noteworthy myanmar tour is Mingun old village. Mingun is about 11km from Mandalay, so you can come here by road, but most of the international visitors to Mingun go by riverway.

Most visitors to Mandalay do not miss this impressive tourist place, because it houses tremendous of Myanmar's most important historical sites, most notably the Mingun Pahtodawgyi ruins, built by red bricks which if completed will be the largest brick Buddhist architecture in the world with a planned height of 150m. It was built between 1790 and 1797 under King Bodawpaya, but due to the economic decline, this wonderful work was halted and left unfinished after the king's death in 1813.

Inle Lake – flawless stopping site for your burma adventure

The last known for myanmar place we want to refer to is Inle Lake.

Inle Lake

Located at an altitude of about 889 m above sea level, surrounded by majestic mountains, and covering an area of about 220 km2, Inle Lake is not only popular for its picturesque majestic natural beauty but also the residence of the Inthar (a minor ethnic group of Myanmar). Inle Lake today become one of Myanmar's favorite destinations. It is also the gathering site of fishermen and the tomato plantations lurking on the water.

If you've visited all the corners of Inle Lake, you may not miss the spectacular sunset scenery here. An orange glow from the sky gradually diminished, brightening a corner of the sky; the scene becomes twinkling fanciful. Visitors will totally be bewildered in front of this calm and romantic space. Taste some traditional food, relax those striking moments with your friends or family here can be an unforgettable memory. Riding on the Red Mountain where located both the known for vineyard and the winemaking location of the country is an enjoyable experience too.

After, you may drop yourself under a large tree and begin watching the whole Inle from above, relax a glass of wine under the cool sky, it will feel such as you’re in a quiescent countryside in France.

With these rich nature and pretty old cultures, burma is exactly one of the favorite tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Get ready for a good experience in myanmar. And if you want to inclue an unforgettable trip with convenient and professional service, take burma tour with us.

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WHAT TO expect FROM A noteworthy YANGON tours

Known as burma, myanmar is now considered as one of the hidden pearls of Indochina. Myanmar completely steals travelers' heart at the moment they set foot on this mysterious land. Coming to burma, to one of the most pretty countries in Southeast Asia, you will possess a amazing opportunity to experience a variety of cultures and nature, which have retained numerous of its historical and special features. Especially, one of the most charming mysteries of this glamorous country is Yangon - the largest city in burma. Now, we would like to performance you a helpful guideline which will help you get an unforgettable Yangon tour.

Notes previous departure

- burma only exempts entry visas for Vietnamese within 14 days instead of 30 days as other Southeast Asian countries.
- tremendous of the broad temples here contain extra shooting fees next to the entrance fee. So be sure you own bought the right nice of ticket prior you step inside.
- Buddhism is almost the national religion throughout the country. This is very important, you should pay attention, respect the monks, pagodas, as well as the Buddha statue. Remember to wear trousers and long-sleeved dress. Carry off your shoes when coming into pagodas or Myanmarese people’s house.
- Exchange money before going if you want to go shopping in myanmar. In addition, you also should carry a lot of cash with you to reserve (if you want to exchange currency, US dollar and the Euro are the easiest to trade)
- be sure you contain Kyat, the currency of myanmar to spend most conveniently.

Day 1: explore old temples and the city in your Yangon journey

Café Sule

Café Sule

Located in Sule Shangri-La, this is a wonderful destination to possess a full Burmese style breakfast. The food is perfectly traditional burma and you have a spacious variety of options and magnificent buffet. Try the "Mohinga", this stewed catfish is a national dish and is a characteristic of this region's breakfast. If you are looking for a more affordable place then you can try the "Mohinga" at a road food stall.

Sule Pagoda

Sule Pagoda

After your full breakfast, you be able to hang out and get to the Sule Pagoda. It is extremely easy to find because this temple is located in the middle of the broad crossroads of the city. This temple is quite like to Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon because it is located in the middle of the market. Here you will feel the contrast between the space inside and outside the temple. In addition, the architecture and sculpture of the temple is also a known for feature. This place is also very nice at night, so it is worth coming back again to see this place.

Besides, the temple is also popular for its splendor and even a beautifully decorated Buddha statue. To adventure this site you are absolutely free of charge, the only note is that you must take off your shoes prior entering the temple. Also, you should pay attention to the signs when taking pictures.

Bogyoke Aung San Market

Located on Bo Gyoke road, Bogyoke Aung San Market is the largest market in Yangon, the best destination to go shopping. Here, people trade tremendous interesting items such as jewelry (you be able to see jade and gems all over myanmar here), textiles, and even food. You should come here on your original day in your Yangon journey to order a colorful "longyi". This is a traditional dress worn by both men and women in myanmar, extremely comfortable and convenient.

Bogyoke Aung San Market

You could play indigenous citizen by trying this outfit or buying it for your relatives as a amazing and featured souvenir.

Shwedagon Pagoda

This is perhaps the most visited place in your Yangon tour, as well as the most great and glorious place in myanmar. The temple impresses with the broad campus and the temple is covered with gold and diamonds on the top. Come here at sunset and linger for a moment to realize the splendor of it both day and night.

Shwedagon Pagoda

This place is one of the most spiritual pagodas to burmese people so there are also a few things to note. The first is that when you come to Shwedagon Pagoda, you have to ensure that you wear suitable clothings covering the shoulders and legs. It is best to wear a long dress and a jacket to make sure you are comfortable. Besides, you also have to "buy tickets" to be photographed, keep the ticket carefully and you will be able to bring more and more magnificent photo to save memories here. Finally, do not forget to bring a small bottle of water to fight off the heat.

Day 2 - uncover daily life of locals in your Yangon adventure

Yangon Circular Train

Yangon Circular Train

This is often considered the best way to experience the daily life of the locals in Yangon. Get on the train and enjoy the quiet view as well as the ordinary sound of Yangon people. You should book in expand if you want to contain a cabin with air conditioner (in case you do not such as the heat or are easy to sweat). The trip is around 3 hours, but whenever you like, you could also climb down.

Kandawgyi Park

Kandawgyi Park

Run away from the busy life of the city, from the noise and the work pressure to enjoy the beauty of the natural sight in this silent park nearby a glorious lake. The main destination that you be able to not miss here is the Royal Barge in the middle of the lake. It is really fantastic such as a floating palace.

Lucky 7

Lucky 7

Located on street & Mahabandoola, Lucky 7 is a traditional teahouse and a must-visit destination in your Yangon adventure. Try to eat in groups here if possible, so that you can share and try more Myanmar's specialties. You also have to taste a cup of milk tea, samosas or tea leave salad here. These traditional dishes are specially formulated with special ingredients and formulas, which may captivate both domestic and international tourists.

Sarkies Bar at The Strand Hotel

Sarkies Bar at The Strand Hotel

Situated on 92 Strand road road, The Strand is the most classic hotel in Yangon and is home to historical stories, legends about the past of Yangon. It was built in 1901 and has since retained most of its primary features. If you do not intend to stay here, at least visit, bring a look and have some drink at the Sarkies Bar. Relax the drink while chatting with friends in the vibrant atmosphere of the bar, you will feel like you are immersing in the daily life of Yangon people and becoming part of this charming city.

Day 3 - discover the strange beauty of Yangon

Taukkyan War Cemetery

Taukkyan War Cemetery

Outside the city about an hour's drive, this cemetery is a must-visit site for those who want to learn about the history of myanmar. A quiescent and quiet site to pay tribute to those who died in the war. You could go here early in the morning, or stop here while on your way to Bago or Mandalay

Shan noodles 999

Shan noodles 999

You do not ought to go far to find the best delicacies in myanmar outside of this Shan 999 noodle shop. The shop name belongs to Shan noodles, and other dishes here also belong to Shan District, with impeccable taste. The food that you definitely should not be overlooked is Shan noodles served with golden tofu.

Russian Temple Htat Gyi

Situated on Shwe Gon Taing road, this quiescent sanctuary features tremendous typical examples of Burmese architecture and art in Yangon. The most enormous sitting Buddha image also belongs to this temple, as high as 19.8 meters. The afternoon is the most pleasant time you be able to get to this destination. Enjoy rich sunset landscape, when the golden rays glisten on the temple roof, with the scent of incense will be an unforgettable experience in your Yangon journey.

Bogyoke Aung San Museum

Bogyoke Aung San Museum

The museum, which is also the home of General Aung San, contains decorative items as well as historic furniture dating back to the 1920s. You will possess a relative landscape of modern myanmar history while visiting here. The only regret is that this site is not allowed to carry pictures so you have to pay attention to this rule.

Aung Thukha

This is a small but good place to sample and enjoy a full traditional myanmar meal. A perfect finish to the perfect ultimate day in your Yangon adventure. And the dishes that you definitely not miss are Burmese curries. Here you may choose curry made from beef, fish, shrimp, pork or lamb. You could enjoy your delicious curries with a variety of side dishes like rice, salad, fried vegetables, soups,… This is really a special experience that can satisfy any picky visitors

go to to myanmar, adventure wonderful Yangon, tourists will be completely dazed previous the charming spectacle of antique temples, pristine nature and unique customs here. Let's enjoy the extraordinary scenery of this mysterious land and do not forget to save the pictures of a beautiful Yangon! Wish you contain a fantastic Yangon tour!

Most Common FAQs for myanmar adventure in 2018

The most common questions for myanmar tour answered by experts will clear all your concerns while planning and booking tours with us.

01. What is the correct name for the country: 'Burma' or 'Myanmar'?

Both names mean exactly the identical and suffer the identical insufficiency as both assign the name of the ruling ethnic group (namely the ‘Bamar’, or ‘Burmans’, or ‘Myanmar’) to the whole country, thus repeating a pattern of discrimination or complacency towards minorities. ‘Burma’ and ‘Myanmar’ are derived from Burmese words (more precisely, from the language of the ‘Bamar’, or ‘Burmans’), which differ only on a stylistic level.
The name ‘Myanmar’ was adopted by the regime in 1989 without any democratic legitimization. While we don’t actually mind using ‘Myanmar’, we would definitely prefer if this change would retrospectively be confirmed by a genuinely democratic decision.

02. Is myanmar safe for tourists?

Yes. The conflict within burma was too far in the past. Now most of burma is in peace and safe for general travelers. You could sometime hear bad news of small explosions in myanmar but please keep in mind that myanmar is quite grand country and the most well known places for tourists hardly witness such chaos. We contain never been reported any case of our customers getting in trouble with safety issues when taking adventure in burma.

03. What is the following step, after I made a reservation with you?

After receiving your acceptance of journey, price and payment procedure, we will immediately make necessary arrangements which normally carry about 2 working days. We will then send to you confirmation by e - mail with your booking status. You will then require to settle a 30% deposit in order to guarantee your reservation. The remaining balance be able to be settled upon your arrival in burma.

04. How do I participate in your tour from my hometown?

Our burma tours begin once you arrive at the Yangon Airport in myanmar . You may depart from any country and start your tours upon arrival. Most common starting place is Yangon airport - via from Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur where you be able to contain a better connection flights from your home country. One of tours representatives - often a tours guide - will encounter you at the arrival lounge upon your arrival.

05. Be able to I arrange my International air ticket with you?

Logically Yes! But we do not offer to do so in fact. International air is best purchase at the point of starts. No agents in Yangon or in other country could suggestion you the better price than a agent at your starting country. We recommend you should consult with your local ticketing agent for cheapest prices.

06. How may I pay for tour? is a property of HIT Indochina Company (formerly named Holiday Indochina Company) with headquarter in Hanoi Vietnam then we will process your payment in Vietnam. We are integrating with Onepay, the original Online Payment Gateway and Vietcombank, the largest bank in Vietnam to process all card payment through our websites. Onepay Online Payment Gateway with SSL technology will process and encrypt your card information at international standards and store them at Card Organization Data center. Please refer our payment guidelines and learn how your card is protected.

07. Could I use credit card in Myanmar?

All major credit card service in myanmar are very limited >> Updates Oct 2014: Major cards are widely accepted in broad hotels and restaurants at main cities. There are also AMTs installed in front of hotels and landmark. From our most recent feedback from our customers, ATM card and credit cards work fine at a fee about 3.5% per transaction.
Anyway, we offer that you should prepare some cash for your daily expenses. US notes and local burma currency are all welcome. Refer some notes of using money in myanmar here.

08. How can I get burma Visa?

At present, visitors ought to contain a valid passport with an EVT before to enter burma. EVT be able to be obtained at any burma Embassy or Consulate offices with validity for 28 days. Application forms in duplicate with three-passport size photos are to be submitted with a fee of US$ 20 equivalent in their respective currency.
Visa-on-Arrival - may be arranged for those countries where burma Embassy or Consulate office does not exists. ≫> Updates Oct 2014: VOA be able to be arranged by accessing to, following the steps, paying Online by credit cards and getting it done via Internet completely...details here.

09. Can I carry my mobile phone into Myanmar?

Local network in burma is GMS which can be incompatible with CDMA technology in North America and EU. Buying SIM card in myanmar be able to be quite pricey but now widely available >> Updates Oct 2014: buying a SIM card in myanmar now is as cheap as US$ 02 at any mobile shop in main cities.
Otherwise, you can want to roam your services but it often results in high charges. Please check carefully with your service providers prior departure

10. When is best time to travel Myanmar?

burma country stretches in both height and width then it is diverse in weather and temperature. That means you could get to burma all year round. We see our customers most favor from October to February due to this time is cool and there are many local festivals. If you want to get fantastic deals and less crowded, can to September will be splendid time to travel. With beach lovers, March to could be able to be best when you may enjoy sea, sand and sun.

11. What are best places to get to in Myanmar?

This is the country new open its windows to the world. You can notice wonderful in each place you putting your feet on. Peaceful, we have a list of top interesting places in an interacting map so that you could contain some ideas to start with your burma journey (click here)

12. How much a myanmar journey costs?

Well, it is hard to say how much your adventure will cost because it will depend numerous things such as: your accommodation, your group size, your activities you are interested in ect…However as far as our experience we find cost of traveling to burma a bit higher than Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. Then if you take tours to Vietnam previous, we recommend you should prepare a more generous budget for the equivalent journey length and services standards.

13. How far should I plan adventure to Myanmar?

Generally speaking ….the further the better, as travel services in myanmar as well as the whole country is just newly open to the world. They contain never been accommodated such high volume of passengers prior. Then the infrastructure is sometimes insufficient. We believe the situation will change soon while until now we must be adapted with real scenario. We often find our customers book their burma journey at least 2 to 3 months before departure or even 6 months for some cases.

14. How fantastic Internet communication in Myanmar?

Internet connection is now widely available in burma. Wifi can be accessed from most of hotels. The signal is fairly good and/or could require to change your proxy to get connected.

15. What vehicle will be used in my burma Tour?

We ought to admit that the cars in myanmar are not the newest models as yours in Western countries. This is the country policy not allow to import brand-new cars with high quotas. But we be able to guarantee that our vehicles is top comfortable ones in burma with air conditioning, comfort space for your legs and luggage, high hygiene.

16. What is meals included in your myanmar tours?

Daily breakfast and welcome dinner are included in our myanmar adventure as our general standards. All trips on cruises will supply full board meal plan. In some places where is not easy enough for you to getting around and buying food, meals will be added to your tours, too. We indicate clearly meal plan in each tour offered for you so please read your myanmar journey program carefully or talk with our consultants to clarify.

17. Is it easy to go to by public transport or taxi in Myanmar?

There is public transport in big cities of myanmar but we do not offer you using then due to low vehicles conditions and crowdedness. Taxi is easy to catch in large cities and you should ask for price before getting in. Taxi drivers do not often use meter machine to calculate the price but it does not mean they are cheating on you. This is the whole situation of taxi there and we can realize this change in coming time.
We offer you should refer our experiences on Local Bus transfer and Train go to to decided which mode of transportaion will fit you.

18. Which activities suggest for my tours to Myanmar?

That will be very various. Burma is renowned for pagoda and stupas, then you must find some bests of them. However, to avoid overwhelming with religious related topics, we recommend you should add other activities to your myanmar adventure such as: beach, balloon riding, biking, cruising ect. If you don’t know much about this, just tell to our consultant your desire then we will be happy to customize a best myanmar tour just for you.

19. How much I must deposit? How long I ought to pay the balance

Booking burma tour with us, we guarantee not only best services but most comfortable payment schedule. Your deposit is not little than 20% while not exceed than 30% of the total. The balance will be made even upon arrival to burma to our Rep office there. You will be risk free when booking with a tour company thousand kilometers far away.

20. Last but not least, what happen if I want to cancel the tour?

In any case under Acts of God such as: storm, tsunami, bad weather, natural disasters or out-of-control situation such as: bombing, political rebels, government policies changing, cancellation by airlines ect, we will make full refund to your account.
In case that you want to cancel myanmar tour under your own desire, the cancellation have to follow our Booking Term and Conditionsshowing in this website
finally, whatever the situation is, we will do our all efforts to make your cancellation and refund without any hassle and as easy as booking myanmar adventure with us.

Best time to get to burma

Generally there is no best time to visiti burma. The country schetch from North to South and ranging from East to West then you may notice wonderful things to do and places in any time of visiting

burma enjoys a tropical climate with three general seasons: hot (March to May), wet (June to September) and cool (October to February). The most favorite time to go to myanmar is between the months of November and February, when it is drier and cooler than at other times of the year. This is also the most well known time to travel so it is advisable to book your holiday well in advance. The hot season be able to be extremely hot
Summer season stars from March to can remains dry (meaning that street transport is tranquil relatively easy) but they be able to be extremely hot in the north – up to 40 degrees Celsius – but cooler in highland areas. During the wet season, some areas in the south of myanmar can be impossible to access.
The most common favorite time to visit burma is in the cool season between November and the finish of February when the rain is less frequent and the heat is at its lowest. During this time, morning and evenings are cool and afternoons warm and sunny with virtually no rain.
Generally speaking, burma may easy to access in all year round. Even though in the rainy season has the effect of monsoon in June, July, August and September, it is not rainy the whole country. Inle Lake is hilly region, sometimes you may find sudden rain pouring then stop. Mandalay and Bagan are dry-zones, even in monsoon period, we hardly find rainfall while Yangon and coastal regions may enjoy occasionally heavy rains during three months. The high level of rainfall can lead to some hotels located in beach areas closed.

Temperature diragram of burma

Myanmar Best time to visit

Rainfall diagram of myanmar

Best time to visit Myanmar